Balcanii și balcanismul

Balcanii și balcanismul Un renume de trista faima a insotit Balcanii de a lungul acestui secol pentru Europa Occidentala, regiunea n a reprezentat mai mult decat un butoi cu pulbere Si totusi, in ciuda crizelor periodice care au strabatut acest spatiu, imaginea sa in constiinta europeana n a fost dintotdeauna sumbra Vreme de secole Balcanii au fost priviti ca un teritoriu exotic si fascinant, inzestrat cu intregul farmec al Orientului.Maria Todorova, cercetatoare americana de origine bulgara, analizeaza inceputurile acestei imagini, relevandu i avatarurile si descifrandu i consecintele asupra istoriei de ieri si de azi.traducere de Mihaela Constantinescu si Sofia Oprescu New Read eBook Balcanii și balcanismul author Maria N. Todorova – Back when I was a kid, there was a Serbian guy in my hometown who ran a good little bakery that I used to go to with my old man Unfortunately, somewhere around the Kosovo War, he started blaming all the shit going down in the Balkans on the Jewish New York Times This colored my view of the Balkan perspective for years to come.Of course, as I matured, my view became less black and white, but a book li
Impecabil n definirea a ce nu sunt Balcanii nu sunt identici cu imaginarul colectiv occidental format dup o serie de prejudec i i conjunctur politic dar ceva mai pu in conving toare n descrierea a ce sunt Balcanii, monog
Essential reading for anyone interested in challenging the commonly held assumption that the Balkans exist as a separate entity from that of continental Europe While Todorova s style is dense and pedantic, her research is impeccable a
The Balkans an area considered relatively inconsequential by larger orimportant nations However, the Balkan states have been through a lot of turmoil and change The author tries to make us aware of some of the interesting history of this region, albeit in an overly pedantic and roundabout way.Colonial powers would always maintain that they did folks a favour by civilizing them, and my view of the Balkans prior to reading this book was from a Western standpoint as well However, i The Balkans an area considered relatively inconsequential by larger orimportant na
Ne mogu da se otmem utisku da sam i ja, kao osoba koja ivi na ovim prostorima, prihvatila itav korpus ideja o Balkanu kao anomalnom i nedovoljno razvijenom poluostrvu ije se zemlje, na putu ka EU utrkuju ko e pre dosti i stepen evropske civilizacije Ne postoji balkanski mentalitet,
karl marx n hayalet metaforu nu balkanlara uygulayan maria todovora, imagining the balkans oxford university press olarak bas lan ve dilimize ileti im yay nlar taraf ndan kazand r lan bu kitab nda avrupa n n kendi i indeki tekisi olan balkanlar ele al yor.todovora ya g re balkanlar avrupa n n vey ocu udur kendi i inde tekisidir, bat yla do u aras nda kalm bir toplumdur ne kadar avrupa k tas i inde olsa da zaman nda oryantalist mant kla do u hak
Ksi ka Todorovej przedstawia podej cie zachodniej Europy i podr nik w pochodz cych z takich kraj w jak Wielka Brytania, Francja czy Niemcy do Grecji, Bu garii, S owenii, Rumunii, Chorwacji i pozosta ych kraj w ba ka skich. Good but confusingly organized. I could give a summary of this book, but instead I ll let the author speak for herself in the Afterword from pages 193 and 194 When I started writing this book, whose working title was Balkanism, I found to my surprise and delight that balkanism was an uninhabited category, something exceptionally rare in the humanities This circumstance allowed me to use the term s both a mirror and foil of Orientalism, to both pay homage to Edward Said and to argue for asubstantive difference between I could give a summary of this book
It has good points, but the author has enlarged the book without reason, the whole book can be summarized up in a few arguments Crusade wasn t initiated by the Balkans, religious wars either, nor the nationalism, nor the anti semitism.

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