Curvy When Wet (Heroes Out of Uniform, #2)

Curvy When Wet (Heroes Out of Uniform, #2) Once Upon A Time, The Ocean Fascinated Me With Its Unending Beauty And Otherworldly Creatures Now, Its Mere Image Terrifies Me Maybe That S Not A Big Deal For Most People, But I Spent The Last Four Years Studying To Become A Marine Biologist That S Not The Worst Of It Corwin Hale, The Big, Bad Navy SEAL I Ve Known Forever, Finds Out About My Sudden Phobia And Insists On Fixing Me That S Not The Solution I Need All Corwin Can Do Is Lead Me Into The Deepest Waters Of My Life And Break My Heart But I Can T Tell Him That. I love me some Christa Wick stories They re not very long but they pack quite a bit of substance Corwin is Annabelle s bestie s big brother She has crushed on him for years and he has secretly felt the same He helps Annabelle try to get over a phobia and in the process, their feelings get explored
There is just something about this book I love Maybe it was how sweet he was and caring He did everything he could to help her get over her phobia and I love that. This is such a sweet story Big, strong SEAL and sister s best girl friend She has a goal as a marine biologist, but had developed a fear of being in the water He teaches her to handle her fear and the relationship moves forward romantically with sexy times. My new favorite by Christa Absolutely loved the aquatic marine aspect The way these two connected Longer review to come Annabelle is Teresa s best friend since they were nine Now they re twenty two and just finished college going out into the workforce Well Belle is stagnating at the moment because you see she had a water accident and now can t seem to get into anything deeper than her bathtub Hardly seeing much of Corwin Theresa s brother since he is in the Navy SEAL s stationed right there in their hometown, San Diego, CA The last two years not so much, he has been on deployments She was trying desperately to break the mad crush she had on him since her freshman year in high school so that seemed to work for her The Accident happened a year ago and she told Theresa not to tell him or her parents So, Theresa wanting to play matchmaker told Belle he was still on deployment until next week Theresa said she would never talk about the accident to Belle s parents or Corwin Clearly, a lie because that very night when she arrives he is there and she starts lead in questions about an offer to her dream job Now, Corwin wants to know what is going on and the accident and how he can help fix the issue Once he finds out it is a fear of water
I found it sweet and charming The characters were very believable, something I could relate to Enjoy it so much, looking forward to reading the rest of the series. A hot and steamy short story that will have you frothing at the mouth Annabelle has been in love with Corwin, her best friend s brother, for ever, but being a curvy girl, and of course he s a Navy Seal and has no eyes for her, or so she thinks She has been avoiding him for the past two years, but her bff, Theresa, has fina
I am never disappointed with a Christa Wick book, she always deliver She has done it again with this book It s a short story but it s still great.Annabelle and Corwin are cute together She has had a crush on Corwin since she was 14 years old, what s
Sweet yet sizzling I like how this story takes someone whom others would look atlas less than perfect and allow her to find the amazing happiness she deserves, regardless of perfections or imperfections I enjoyed the fact
i always enjoy a christa wick story she is my go to author for a quick light good read somehow she manages to pack in a heartfelt story into a few pages curvy when wet is yet another example of course i wouldn t mind if they were longer or became a series but i won t interfere with greatness.