The Assassin Lotus

The Assassin Lotus Hits All The Genre Highlights Action, Suspense, Mystery Kirkus Reviews A Five Star Feast For Readers Thriller Author Peter PrasadJack Duran, A Down And Out American Travel Guide Mending A Broken Heart In Rome, Seduces A Beautiful Indian Tourist In Hopes Of A One Night Stand But When She Discovers An Exotic Lotus Growing In His Rooftop Garden, Suddenly Men With Knives Arrive Wreaking Bloody Havoc The Lotus, It Turns Out, Is The Long Lost Source Of Soma The Ancient Elixir That Led To The Birth Of Hinduism And Buddhism And Fostered The First Islamic Cult Of Terrorism.Pursued By A Mysterious Band Of Islamist Assassins, Jack Flees Rome In Search Of The Man Who Sent The Lotus Seed, The Ethnobotanist Daniel J Duran, A Notorious And Shadowy Researcher Who Happens To Be Jack S Brother Together With Jack S Lost Love, The Alluring Dutch Archaeologist Phoebe Auerbach, Dan Has Vanished Into The Sands Of Central Asia.Following Their Trail Along The Legendary Silk Road, Jack Eludes A Fatal Web Of Ruthless Spies And Killers To Uncover A Long Lost Secret Of Enlightenment And Battle The Resurgence Of An Age Old Terror. Hark The craft is in the lotus Review The Assassin Lotus by David Angsten For a thriller author, Angsten bites off a mouth full and delivers a feast His well told tale stretches from Rome to the historical vistas of the Silk Road He pits multiple religious traditions against a lineage of terrorist assassins Subterfuge and cliff hangers lurk behind every sand dune People tumble faster than dominoes in this exploration of love, lust, reality, zeal and somatic insights As a thriller writer and practicing Buddhist, I find no fault with Angsten s craft, style, content and intent In fact, I laud him for trying to chew through so much of history while telling a gripping story He makes the reader richer for it by reflecting purely delightful experiences of insight and radiance Enjoy amateur sleuths that tour the ends of the world at a breakneck pace on the quest of a lifetime Even several lifetimes, if history is to be believed On Ya author This is a five star feast for readers Now, as a writer, what about Davi
A thriller embedded with western Asian philosophies.Though the story starts in Rome, it soon moves to Asia This is a self narrating style novel but surprisingly narration is did by two two persons self narrate story from their end.Beginning of the story made me frown Why does that it has to be Islam when it comes to terrorism Then when the story moves on, I moved on It was the same mistake people are doing in reality A group of people from specific religion create chaos using religion as their shield Just a bunch of idiots who misunderstood religion Best part about the novel is the embedded philosophy religious statements Islam, Buddhism and Hindu philosophies Though Islam philosophies are used in wrong situations, it is good to read them After all it s our mind which makes a statement meaningful Though the citations mentioned in novel are true for which I must appreciate the author, David, for his hard work , I serious
This is not a bad book, so to speak It was well thought out, researched, and written It just couldn t keep my interest most of the time Like the author states in his Afterword, he ran the risk of alienating separate sects of readers by mixing thriller with religious mysticism I was one of the readers who grew wan and foggy attempting to trudge through all the talk of Buddhism, suchness
Enjoyed the bookI did enjoy reading The Assassin Lotus It was a challenge, actually It took a while to understand what was happening, but thanks to the dictionary embedded in the kindle, I was able to follow what was happening I must admit tha
A must read A fantastic fast paced novel combining Eastern s and religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islamism clashing with Western values This is a must read for all spy novel readers. GrippingIn the style of Dan Brown.exciting Something to contemplate in each chapter..if you can stop reading long enough Had a hard time putting it down.