McToad Mows Tiny Island

McToad Mows Tiny Island McToad Likes Thursdays Why Because On Every Other Day Of The Week, McToad Mows Big Island, But On Thursdays, McToad Mows Tiny Island To Do So, He Puts His Mower On The Back Of A Truck, Which Drives To A Train, Which Goes To A Helicopter, Which Flies To A Boat, Which Uses A Crane To Put The Lawn Mower Onto Tiny Island There McToad Mows And Drinks Some Lemonade, And Before You Know It, It S Time To Turn Around And Go Back Home But First, The Mower Has To Get Lifted By A Crane, To Get Put Back On A Boat, Which Is Lifted By A Helicopter, And Well You Get The Idea From Master Storyteller Tom Angleberger And Celebrated Illustrator John Hendrix Comes This Playful Narrative That Treasures The Journey Over The Destination, With Lots Of Planes, Trains, And Automobiles To Boot Also Available By John Hendrix Miracle Man It s simple enough McToad s favorite day is Thursday, when he gets to mow Tiny Island But it s everything that leads up to mowing Tiny Island that s fun.The illustrations were nice, but my favorite part was when the book backtracked McToad s steps. This book is completely absurd, utterly wonderful, and absolute genius It holds up to multiple re readings, features great illustrations filled with clever details, and it will appeal to a wide range of ages It works as a transportation book for preschoolers and also an ridiculously fun read aloud for elementary age kids about a toad who appears to be the sole inhabitant of his island who operat
Everyone has something that brings them satisfaction McToad savors the process of mowing Tiny Island with it s complicated ritual involving forklifts, helicopters, boats, and trains Maybe it s the act of completion, or the glass of lemonade when he s done, I ca
McToad usually mows and mows the grass on Big Island except on Thursdays when he mows Tiny Island It takes every form of transportation known to Toad dom to get the riding mower from Big Island to Tiny Island This is the book for your transportation maven Quite funny, really, although a bit h
Here s a book that I think my sons would have loved when they were small The idea of taking all these different types of transportation just to mow one tiny island is delightful and made me smile a little This is one dedicated toad, intent on doing his job well Highly recomme
A silly transportation story that will hold up well in storytime Mr toad uses a variety of vehicles to get his mower to tiny island once a week so he can mow it It s a lot of effort for awell, tiny job but Mr Toad enjoys it The I,lustration share detailed and fun A Caldecott possibility 5 art5 storySquirt loves lawnmowers Any book with a lawnmower is going to be a favorite But this one is quite funny McToad goes to great lengths for one particular lawn such a fun way to introduce a lot of transportation into a story. Made me giggle I particularly love the part when he takes a break in the middle of mowing Tiny Island. The hit of storytime this week So funny and charming Irresistible to any boy who is obsessed with things that GO or in this case MOW miss kitty

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  • McToad Mows Tiny Island
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  • 13 March 2017
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