Off Limits

Off Limits What Was I Supposed To Do I Desperately Wanted To Take That Summer Art Class One That Would Count Toward My College Credits Come Fall.But It Was Far From Home And The Only Option I Really Had Was To Stay With Jackson, My Stepbrother The Very Stepbrother Who Detested Me And My Mother.Surly And Sullen, He Was Still The Sexiest Man I D Ever Seen He Wasn T Thrilled To Have Me Invade His Home Or His Life, Either Slowly, Though, He Warmed Toward Me Was It Because Of The Electricity That Crackled Between Us The Irresistible Pull We Both Felt Or Maybe It Was The Searing Kiss We D Shared That Night Whatever It Was, He Was Teaching Me Things That I D Never Learned In Art Class Things I Wasn T Allowed To Tell Anyone.What Would Our Parents Say OFF LIMITS Is A Quick, Fast Paced Read 1.5 Icky StarsUgh, this book left me with a what have I just wasted my time reading look on my face I ve been going through a taboo romance phase enjoying the shared temptation between the MCs With Jackson and India, however, it was ALL one sided India conducted the entire relationship in her head never once expressing her feelings or calling Jackson on his Jackson was a big f cking DICK throughout He acted like it was India s fault he was tempted by her actually calling her a slut at one point She, of course, internalized this wondering if she was I only PRAY fictional India will learn to value herself and that younger girls reading this book understand that the MCs relationship w
This made me think ugh and meh India, the heroine was ok She wasn t the overly angst y, melodramatic type you usually find in these teen dramas.But Jackson, the hero, was really immature and just lacked that certain oomph It would have worked better if he was older and Alpha.The romance was lacklustre and I didn t feel the chemistry from the taboo part of it In fact it didn t make much sense why Jackson was reticent and reluctant when they decided to give their relationship a go And the way he then decided oh it s all ok now was just too pat.I also felt the sub characters were one dimensional and ruined the story just to immature Fletcher and Celeste were just too formulaic and clich both blonde, petty and clearly not good enough to be with the protagonists I think making them seem real and nicer people would have given the plot some substance.Overall it lacked the sizzle factor, the rom
Short and after a while, lifeless. India goes to stay with Jackson her step brother in Chicago to take an art class for the summer for college credits When she moves in with him, he is gruff and moody and treats her as if he doesn t want her there They then start to hang out together and he kisses her After the kiss he tells her she is just like her mother and she is left wondering what the heck happened Jackson then runs hot and cold, as well as India not letting his comment go, so they both don t know where they stand Jackson then decides to do the right thing and India is devastated and Jackson avoids her for her remaining time there The ending was abrupt I hit for the page to move forward multiple times on my K
The story concept was good I liked the work put into the back story But the book read as a first draft It needs a little editing More polishing Also, Jackson was a bit on the mean side He needed a few soft moments He s not very likeable, despite being sexy What does she like about him It could have been I read it, was short read But could have been so much . Really liked this book, it s a quick read but still very enjoyable. _ _ _ Off LimitsThe reason I have Off Limits only 3 stars is because of how it end I tell people that the ending was not all that great But rest of the book was maybe 3 1 2 stars. I m going to give this book 3 stars I can t help but be addicted to the stepbrother and stepsister romance, so I definitely enjoy reading books about them Even though I knew this book was tinted sexually I would have wished that there was at least slightly a little bit romance inside of it, so that was a little bit of a bummer for me I got the feeling that I never really got to understand the true personalities of the characters and that everything stayed on the surface, there weren t a lot of details in the story, mainly just actions Apart from that it was a story that was very well put together and it didn t move too slow, which made it a very nice read Sometimes I just wonder how in some books two characters can fall in love with each other so fast, that s probably why I missed the outline of the story a little bit, because it makes it hard for me to believe that this can actually happen Still, I enjoyed this read and it was a good story, the romance between the main characters was