Rose-Colored Glasses

Rose-Colored Glasses Quinn Wesley Has It All Figured Out His Life Is Turning Around He S Gone From Convict To Upstanding Citizen, And He Has A Great Job Until His Boss Asks Him To Take On Just One Project A Project That S Beyond What Quinn Thinks He S Capable Of A Project That Lands Him Beside A Woman He Ll Never Forget Rosie Callahan Isn T Likely To Forget Quinn, Either She S Never Asked For All The Trouble She S Inherited, It Just Finds Her Now She S Struggling To Find Answers In A World That No Longer Makes Any Sense Looking For Someone On A Trail Of Dead Ends Can Rosie And Quinn Help Each Other Discover What S Really Important In Life Will They Be Able To End Rosie S Lifelong Search And Bring Peace To Her Heart Or Will The Greed Of Others Destroy Them Before They Can Find The Truth

[PDF] ❤ Rose-Colored Glasses  ⚣ Megan Fatheree –
  • Paperback
  • 254 pages
  • Rose-Colored Glasses
  • Megan Fatheree
  • 05 February 2017
  • 1312347341