The Pirates of Maryland Point

The Pirates of Maryland Point The Greatest Prize At The London 2012 Olympics Isn T Goldit S The Holy Grail.There S A Rumour There S Treasure Buried Beneath The Olympic Site And That A Secret Army Is Going To Find It Only Nobody Believes It But When A Mysterious Group Of Pirates Move To The East End, People Become Suspicious And When Cockneys Start Disappearing, The Pearly King Demands Answers But That S The Least Of Oscar S Worries All He Wants To Do It Kill Some Cockroaches The Problem Is, He S Using A Chemical Weapon To Do It The Pirates Of Maryland Point Is A Fast Paced, Who Dunnit, Cockney Comedy Caper Packed With Pirates And Pie And Mash For Fans Of Robert Rankin, Jasper Fforde Or Douglas Adams. It s definitely pretty zany, but overall I enjoyed it Having lived most of my childhood about 5 minutes walk from Maryland Point, it probably attracted me to it in the first place Some bits had me laughing out loud Not bad, but not a book in my all time g
Have you ever heard of Far Fetched Fiction If you do, you will probably know only its father the talented author Robert Rankin.Few, if any, have ever enjoyed reading such Fiction written by someone else If you re a connaisseur like me , you might have takenfor example some Spike Milligan writings, but that would likely be the best or worst of it.A while ago, though, I found out ab
This book is a strange one that s for sure The story gets quite involved and the further you get into the book theinvolved it becomes.The characters in the book are well written and in the end I had to hope that Duncan, Oscar and all lived happily ever after.The story starts well enough and you get to knowandabout the people and the place as the story passes.There are a few weird twists to the plot and in places it just gets manic with the story taking a total U turn and off i This book is a strange one that s for sure The story gets quite involved and the further you get into the book the
In the midst of a wild and ever so slightly silly clash between East London and the Olympics comes a tale of pirates, Pearly Kings, weapons grade anthrax, archaeology and a video store employee with a fine line in conspiracy theories and a passion for Sam Neill movies oh, and several bucket loads of dead cockroaches It is, as might be expected, all remarkably silly although in the light of many other claims made around
This book is a blast The tale of Oscar s war against cockroaches mushrooms into a tangled plot embracing the Olympic Park, the FBI, a Pearly King and bunch of landlocked pirates.The characters are perfectly overdone, each one a caricature of someone you might still meet in the East End That goes for the police interviewing Oscar as well.I m guessing Dot Gumbi might just be a pseudonym, which was probably a wise decision, especially if t
The plot is ridiculous, most of the characters are mad and it s set in the dodgiest part of town what could possibly go wrong Once you re hooked you can t put the book down, because it s impossible to anticipate the next turn The characters are an explosive mix and come to life through the authors lovable indulgence of language it all sounds authentic and so East London that it manages to fully pull into this fast paced world o
A really enjoyable cockney riot of a readA really enthralling story with lots of little twists and turns and plenty of cockney patois Highly recommend this comic fantasy novel, particularly if you found all the Olympics hype overbearing and a little unnecessary. Poor story Very short chapters were annoying Story didn t seem to end at all. If you like movies, pirates and you hate cockroaches, this book is for you, crazy characters and plot. Perfect for Robert Rankin fans.