Found Aliens (Galactic Pool #3)

Found Aliens (Galactic Pool #3) Found Aliens Is The 3rd Galactic Pool Alien Invasion Adventure Comedy It S A Short Novel That Continues Our Tradition Of High Quality Naughty Behavior.The Galaxy S Greatest Evil Genius Or So He Thinks Has Finally Arrived In Person To Dominate Earth The Local Higher Power Fails To Recognize The Threat In Time So He S Forced To Recruit Some Familiar Aliens To Help Him Keep His Creation From Getting All Screwed Up.As Part Of The Deal, Jimmy Fresneaux Obtains Permission To Abduct Hundreds Of Hardened Fishermen To Rid The Galaxy Of The Largemouth Bass Plague He Unleashed And Trukk 9, The Galactic Pool S Greatest Filmmaker Or So He Thinks , Rides Along To Finish A Destined To Become Historic Film About His Favorite Rogue Dnooblian Only 42,000 Words This Time But That Includes A Generous Four Point Two F Words At The Standard Galactic Pool Rate And There S Only One Sex Scene, But It S A Doozy Too Bad We Get Kicked Out Of The Room Kelly strikes again with another great offering in the Galactic Pool franchise I took the opportunity to pre order this ebook a couple of months ago and then promptly put my Kindle aside and waited impatiently It was worth the wait, hence the 5 stars.This author has long ago, in my estimation at least, pushed himself above the pack of emerging authors by pursuing a brand that is all his own It is truly remarkable that this is the third installment and the gags keep on coming It is funny, it is intelligent, it is innovative The characters we have come to know and love and or just know are back and continuing their respective quests for publication, domination, film making and revenge.Too many times by this stage of a series the author will spend the majority of the time recapping the events of the previous books to the extent that the actual new data is li
this trilogy leaves me at a loss for wordsseriously I m underwhelmed by the humor and the characters still 11 words are required if anything it proves God has a sense of humor. So, this saga reaches its end, sputtering and tired Not as bad as it sounds.