Muses of Terra (Codex Antonius Book 2)

Muses of Terra (Codex Antonius Book 2) Marcus Antonius Cordus Thought He D Left His Past Behind When He Escaped Terra Six Years Ago Namely, Being Consular Heir Of The Disintegrating Roman Republic And Sole Carrier Of The Sentient Alien Muse Virus That Once Ruled The Republic All He Wants Is To Explore The Universe With His Mercenary Friends And Stay Far Away From Roman Politics.But The Muse Strain Infecting Him Has Different Plans Cordus Begins To See Ghosts From The Past And Hear Voices When No One Is Near He Fears The Muses Are Attacking His Mind And That His Immunity Is Slipping If He Loses Control He Will Become A Slave To Muse Plans To Dominate Humanity, Just Like His Antonii Ancestors Or Worse Banishment From The Mercenary Family Who Loved Him When No One Else Would.So When A New Muse Strain Invades Roman Space One Even Feared By The Strain Infecting Cordus He Is Forced To Choose Between The Freedom He S Always Wanted And Stopping The Apocalypse That He Was Born To Prevent MUSES OF TERRA Is Book Two Of The Codex Antonius And Sequel To The Exciting Sci Fi Alternate History Novel MUSES OF ROMA. The concept behind this series is growing on me The second book is better written than the first in the series and better edited though still plagued by the odd grammar gaffe confusion of then and than a pet peeve of mine.The main POV in this book is taken up by young Cordus who struggles accepting his fate The cast of the series changes by the end of the book with the killing off of many of the main ones from the first book I am looking forward to where the author is taking the series in the third novel Generally, the pace of this book is high and maintained I don t think there are any real slow sectio