The Seven Sisters

The Seven SistersMaia D Apli Se And Her Five Sisters Gather Together At Their Childhood Home Of Atlantis A Fabulous, Secluded Castle Situated On The Shores Of Lake Geneva Having Been Told That Their Beloved Father, The Elusive Billionaire They Call Pa Salt, Has Died.Maia And Her Sisters Were All Adopted By Him As Babies And, Discovering He Has Already Been Buried At Sea, Each Of Them Is Handed A Tantalising Clue To Their True Heritage A Clue Which Takes Maia Across The World To A Crumbling Mansion In Rio De Janeiro In Brazil Once There, She Begins To Put Together The Pieces Of Where Her Story Began.Eighty Years Earlier, In The Belle Epoque Of Rio, 1927, Izabela Bonifacio S Father Has Aspirations For His Daughter To Marry Into Aristocracy Meanwhile, Architect Heitor Da Silva Costa Is Working On A Statue, To Be Called Christ The Redeemer, And Will Soon Travel To Paris To Find The Right Sculptor To Complete His Vision.Izabela Passionate And Longing To See The World Convinces Her Father To Allow Her To Accompany Him And His Family To Europe Before She Is Married There, At Paul Landowski S Studio And In The Heady, Vibrant Caf S Of Montparnasse, She Meets Ambitious Young Sculptor Laurent Brouilly, And Knows At Once That Her Life Will Never Be The Same Again.In This Sweeping Epic Tale Of Love And Loss The First In A Unique, Spellbinding Series Of Seven Books, Based On The Legends Of The Seven Sisters Star Constellation Lucinda Riley Showcases Her Storytelling Talent Like Never Before. When I began reading The Seven Sisters I had no idea it was to be part of a series..which is good.and bad.

This first book is not the story of seven sisters, but just one of six adopted female babies who grow up as privileged children named for constellations at an amazing island home in Switzerland called Atlantisand when Pa Salt dies, each of the six grown women are given a private letter with a secret clue to their past.

Maia, an astoundingly beautiful interpreter, who translates books for authors is the oldest sister and the first to return to her roots to investigate her beginnings..and what an excellent story she has..I truly did not want to put it down..and the endingWhat ..surprise surprise

Anyway, all I can say is that this wonderful work of fictional romance has so much substance and interesting bits of past h
Lo interesante de descubrir a un nuevo autor es que no sabes por d nde te va a sorprender En este caso no puedo negar que me esperaba otro tipo de historia ni yo misma s cual , y que no he logrado fundirme con ella no s , es como si s lo fueran palabras sin alma Per
Vielleicht sollte ich mich fter einfach mal ganz unbedarft an neue Autoren und Genres wagen Was mit Philippa Gregory und dem historischen Romanen schon zu so positiven berraschungen bei mir f hrte, hat sich auch bei meinem ersten Buch von Lucinda Riley wiederholt Ich wurde wieder mal total aus den Socken gehauen Ohne gro e Erwartungen und sogar mit etwas Angst vor einem Plot, der mir vielleicht zu langweilig ist ging ich dieses Buch an Maia war mir direkt sympathisch und das nicht nur weil sie meine Liebe f r Wei wein teilt und auch den Schreibstil empfand ich als sehr fl ssig, einfach und angenehm Besonders toll fand ich wie die Autorin uns die Orte beschreibt in denen dieses Buch spielt, allen voran Brasilien ich hatte direkt alles bildlich vor Augen obwohl ich selbst noch nie in Brasilien war Jetzt nach diesem Buch versp re ich total die Lust selber auch einmal dieses interessante Land zu bereisen und zu erkunden Aber zur ck zum Buch noch besser als die Story rund um Maia, welche in der Gegenwart spielt gefiel mir die Zeitebene rund um Izabela, eine Vorfahrin von Maia Auch hier hat die Autorin es geschafft mir als Leser alles super zu beschreiben o
Absolutely, loved this novel Riley did a wonderful job of integrating past and present stories, making every character authentic and believable I am really excited this is the first in a series and that this story is just beginning LR is fast becoming one of my favorite authors 5 stars. I guess I m in the minority on this one because I hated it I d pick it up to read then put it down again over and over till finally I tossed it on the bedside table with a disgusted fugeddaboudit that would ve made my mother in law proud she s from New Yawk The characters are about as believable as the tooth fairy The mysterious father who adopted the 6 shallow and very annoying girls right down to the trusted live in housekeeper with a heart of gold were right out of a bad soap opera I guess since Brangelina made adopting from 3rd world countries chic that s what single white billionaires who live on an island in Switzerland do these days Not that any of his adult daughters know anything about the man, which they say many times as they t
MEISTERWERK LEUTE Remember, even if we can t see them, those we love are always with us Lucinda RileyLucinda Riley, an Irish international best selling author, have spun a terrific and absolutely stunning saga of six sisters in an all new series of The Seven Sisters The Seven Sisters is the first book and the story of first eldest sister, Maia This is her journey to search for her roots after her adoptive father s death.Synopsis Maia D Apli se and her five sisters gather together at their childhood home, Atlantis a fabulous, secluded castle situated on the shores of Lake Geneva having been told that their beloved father, the elusive billionaire they call Pa Salt, has died Maia and her sisters were all adopted by him as babies and, discovering he has already been buried at sea, each of them is handed a tantalising clue to their true heritage a clue which takes Maia across the world to a crumbling mansion in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil Once there, she begins to put together the pieces of where her story began .Eighty years earlier, in the Belle Epoque of Rio, 1927, Izabela Bonifacio s father has aspirations for his d
The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley was an excellent historical novel, the first in a series of books about six young women who had all been adopted as babies and brought up as sisters The girls are devastated when their father dies and they all come home for the funeral They are all given letters written by their father with clues to their natural parents.This first book is about Maia the eldes
Ich habe schon ein paar von Rileys B chern gelesen aber dieses ist mit Abstand das Beste Jetzt ist mir auch klar, wieso alle ber dieses Buch sprechen Es ist so gut Ein absolutes Highlight Der Einstieg verl uft etwas langsam, die Entwicklung ist aber umso besser.Lucinda Riley nimmt einen mit in eine ganz andere Welt Die Orte sind so wundervoll bildlich dargestellt, dass man das Gef hl hat man reist mit Maia nach Brasilien Dazu sind die Charaktere faszinierend gut gezeichnet Der Schreibstil ist fesselnd und einfach sch n Maia ist ruhig, distanziert, wirkt verloren und traurig Mir war sie von Anfang an sympathisch Mit ihr reisen wir nach Brasilien, wo sie nach Hinweisen zu ihrer Herkunft sucht Dabei hilft ihr Floriano, der ist attraktiv und belesen und hatte auch mit Schicksalsschl gen zu k mpfen Die Beiden sto en auf Izabels Geschichte, eine Reise in die Vergangenheit gepr gt von Leidenscha
Wellwellwell.what an enjoyable ride this was Lucinda Riley managed to keep me fully engrossed in this tale of the oldest sister, Maia I loved how the clues were managed and, most importantly, that this series will only rely on telling each sister s story separately Therefore, you really get to know where each one came from, their past and present story This one focused on Maia and great grandmother, Bel How I loved Bel and her destiny Her story was a pleasure and, also, painful to hear but I loved it nonetheless AweLaurent I also loved Lake Geneva, Atlantis, Rio, and Paris Reading is the only way I can travel these days, I m so happy that I got to go to some exotic places Very well written, great story, loved the characters, the places.well, just about everything I definitely can t wait to hear the