The Italian Billionaires Secretary Mistress

The Italian Billionaires Secretary Mistress Secretary Angie Has Secretly Been In Love With Her Boss, Riccardo, For Years But Riccardo Is Rich And Incredibly Handsome There Is No Way A Man Who Dates Beautiful Woman After Beautiful Woman Would Ever Notice Plain Old Angie Just As Angie Resolves To Move On From Her Painful One Sided Love, Riccardo Suddenly Gives Her A Red Dress To Wear To The Office Christmas Party Though Hesitant, Angie Appears At The Party All Dolled Up, Only For Riccardo To Give Her A Fiery Look And Shoot Icy, Accusing Words What Are You Trying To Do All s well that ends well It was nice that he learned to see how much love truly matters in relationships before it was too late. Ugh arrogant man, spineless woman and she still ends up with him at the end Saw that coming from page 1 Graphics were good though.