Struck (Struck, #1)

Struck (Struck, #1) Previously Published As Storm And Stone , This Gripping Novel By Joss Stirling Is Being Reissued As Struck Behind The Ivy Clad Walls Of An Exclusive Boarding School, Lurks A Sinister Web Of Corruption, Scandal, And Conspiracy American Student Raven Stone Has Noticed Something Is Horribly Wrong First There Were The Unexplained Disappearances Then There Were The Teachers Lies And Now The Death Threats Also Entangled In The Disturbing Turn Of Events Is The Enigmatic Kieran Storm A Fellow Student With A Killer Intellect And A Body To Die For He S Heading For Trouble And Taking Her With Him Raven Can Feel Herself Falling In Love, But Can She Trust A Boy She Knows Almost Nothing About JOSS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ANOTHER BOOK BY YOU FOR AGES FINALLY Hope this is as good as The Finding Sky series which are undoubtedly one of my favourite series.I just want it please Ich bin ein rieisiger Fan von Joss Stirlings B chern So war es nicht verwunderlich, dass mir auch Raven Stone bzw Struck bzw Storm Stone oha, so viele Namen gefallen hat Allerdings muss ich auch sagen, dass ich das Buch etwas weniger mochte als die Savant B cher Das liegt wie zu erwarten gewesen war nicht etwa an den Charakteren oder der Liebesgeschichte, sondern an der Handlung, die drum herum gesponnen worden ist Ich muss dazu sagen, dass ich kein Fan von Krimis bin und so war auch hier der Fall, dass mich das gest rt hat, auch wenn es sich hier ja eher um Agenten im James Bond Stil handelt Was mich an diesem Buch nur so frustriert hat, das war die Sache mit dem Mobbing und der Opferrolle, die Raven damit hat einnehmen m ssen Sie wird n mlich von ihren Klassenkameraden gemobbt und zwar aufs belste Klingt im ersten Moment interessant, war allerdings ziemlich frustrierend, um ehrlich zu sein In diesen Szenen dachte ich die ganze Zeit nur K nnen wir bitte wieder zu Kieran zur ckgehen Auch waren Teile hier ziemlich unrealistisch, was ich verzeihen k nnte, wenn es ein Fantasy Roman w re, was es jedoch nicht ist Besonders stark hat mich das nicht gest rt, aber es ist mir doch zumindest aufgefallen.Warum das Buch mir aber trotzdem gefallen hat, das waren die Charaktere und die Liebesgeschichte Eigentlich gibt es hier nur drei Charaktere, die wirklich entscheidend sind Raven,
Meine Meinung zum Buch 2.5 starsI have to say that I didn t really enjoy this book Raven was an okay character, and I did feel sorry for her and the bullying she was going through I thought that Joe was alright, but Kieran started out a bit weird, and never really recovered from that.The storyline in this book seemed to mostly revolve around Raven s bullying, with a side serving of this crime investigation thing that Joe and Kieran were involved in I didn t really find any of this all that enthralling, and the crime investigation thing was pretty darn dull view spoiler The storyline concerning the stealing seemed pretty darn obvious If Gina comes back to school, and all the stolen stuff re appears, doesn t it stand to reason that she was probably the culprit Especially seeing how she found one of
This was a cool YA thriller I enjoyed reading it, but I notice I can t really say much about this. Not my best review, sorry XDAfter reading Hunter Pearl and liking that a bit less than this but still 3 , I can describe better how I experienced reading this book.I really like the element in this book that you are thinking when will she find out, and that you want to know how this thing they are investigating turns out I also really liked it that he is really nerdy and she liked him for that But even there are many things to like, this book felt not really special to me It is nicely written and all that, but it was a light read and I didn t really connect with the characters that much, somehow I expected of this writer because
I adore Joss Stirling s books and I was extremely excited about reading Storm and Stone which is her new standalone novel I wasn t disappointed because it was a thrilling read which had me hooked from the start The story is set in an English boarding school called Westron Raven is an American scholarship student at the school She s ostracised and picked on by everyone until she meets new students Kieran and Joe, who discover that there is something strange going on at the school After reading the blurb I thought it was going to be a fairly typical high school romance story but I was wrong when part way through it turned into something much gripping and mysterious I loved the relationship between Raven and Kieran He is clever and incredibly intelligent but Raven definitely makes him lose his head They fit together so well and function perfectly as a team The romance in the book is realistic and brilliantly written A trait of all Joss Stirling books There s no case of instant love but instead an attraction which simmers away between Raven and Kieran and eventually turns into something He feels protective about her and often tries to steer her away from danger, but she is than capable of looking after herself which she definitely proves at the end of the book Joss Stirling is one of my favourite British authors and if y
It was a real honour to have a book dedicated to me by my closest childhood friend We took English classes togetherand if I had been told then that she would become a successful writer I would not have been at all surprised I loved Finding Sky and the others in that series Storm and Stone takes a similar tack with the idea
I felt really sorry for Raven Being bullied is horrible, and what the bullies put her through in this was awful This wasn t a bad read, but it took a while to get going The first half of it didn t seem to have much happening apart from the bullying T
Es una historia entretenida pero demasiado adolescente y tonta para mi gusto 3,5 5 sterren Het boek is vermakelijk, maar het was wel een tegenvaller nadat ik de Soulmates serie heb gelezen Die serie vond ik echt stukken beter.