Falling (Dr Sex, Book 3)

Falling (Dr Sex, Book 3) FALLING Dr Sex Part 3 Concluding Part Of The Series Ryan Has A Shocking Start To Married Life, And He Becomes Than A Little Obsessive About Samantha After An Extended Honeymoon, The Two Of Them Start To Put Down Roots The TV Show Is The Main Focus On Their Return To LA And Sam Slips Easily Into The Role And The LA Lifestyle Christmas Interrupts Their Schedule, But It S A Much Needed Rest Time To Spend Time With Family Their Love Is Absolute And Complete And Beyond The Reach Of Everything Or Is It Ryan And Samantha Face One Final Test 18 For Language And Adult Situations. This was the perfect wrap up to this story At the end of book 2, I was a bit freaked out, and it was touch and go for a while at the beginning of this one, but it turned around Then for a while, things seemed like they couldn t get any better It even wrapped up the trouble maker from book one Of course the perfection never lasts, and something eventually has to go wrong, but what are you gonna do, right It would be a pretty boring story if there were no troubles In the end, all is well
I really enjoyed this series so much.you absolutely fall head over heals for Ryan, he is sooo sweet..oh yes and Samantha too.KM Liss is one of my new favorite authors Only 1 thing left to say Is there a Doctor in the house