Deadly Night (As The World Dies Untold Tales #4)

Deadly Night (As The World Dies Untold Tales #4) All Is Not Well In The Small Town Of Ashley Oaks, Texas As The Human Inhabitants Struggle To Survive Behind The Walls Of Their Makeshift Fort A Zombie Herd Is On The Outskirts Of The Town And The Survivors Huddle Behind The Cement Walls Encompassing Their Encampment In Hopes The Undead Will Pass Them By While Katie Is On Sentry Duty, A Child Cries Out In The Night, Spurring Jenni Into Action Soon Both Women Find Themselves Fighting Against The Ravenous Undead In A Seemingly Futile Attempt To Save Other Survivors Deadly Night Is An Original As The World Dies Story That Takes Place Between The First Days And Fighting To Survive. I absolutely loved this series and its nail biting plot twists, epic friendship and unexpected love story This is not just another zombie story, it is so much than that. The Fort is blacked out and on lockdown due to a nearby zombie herd that they don t want attention from, when Jenni silenty goes over the wall to kill a lone zombie She and Katie then hear a crying baby coming from a truck that is new to the area and could signal survivors The noise from the baby is going to attract attention so the Fort sends out a team to get the woman and kids to safety When Jenni hears that two men went
I have waited so long for this promised story, thank goodness the fb page hit 5,000 likes So this is a story about Jenny and Katie, taken from sometime in between The First Days and Fighting to Survive The author also mentions that it is a sort of sequel to one of the stories from Untold Tales Volume 2 A Terrible Moment I re read that tale before I read the new one You don t need to but if you have it to hand or haven t read it before it s worth it to refresh your memory.I am so happy that this tale showed us badasses Jenny and Katie again, fighting hand in hand It s what I always loved about them and what makes me miss them I have re read the series so many times which is not something I do a lot and I find something new to enjoy every time This story encompassed everything I loved about them and their friendship and included some of my other favorite characters from the series A fantastic and gripping novella.I realize Miss Frater has no plans for
Good ReadI thought I was finished after Book 4 but then I found Book 5 It was as good as the rest so lucky me This was a good series of short stories about the characters in the main series The First Days which I still haven t read yet Now I see there s a holiday book so I gotta read that too I enjo
Nothing fancy Just a short little chapbook set in the As The World Dies zombie series. I absolutely love the As the World Dies series and having this new bonus short story about my 2 favorite charachters is just incredible This short story with Jenni and Katie takes place between book 1 The First Days and 2 Fighting to Survive of this wonderful
What an amazing experience It was so good to jump back into the ATWD seriesBut that also makes me even sad now that it s over I m really hoping there s untold takes to come Because I really don t want this series to be overThe best zombies series out there Best series I ve ever read Really awesome to hear from Jenni Katie this tale just adds a bit into their beautiful friendship..Love love loved it Of course I feel it was too shor
Deadly Night is an story from the As The World Dies series and it tells the story of Katie and Jenni as they begin their new lives in the fort in Ashley Oaks.I enjoyed Deadly Night , it was just as good as the series and it was nice to
i loved the original trilogy so much that when i saw this book was coming out, i just couldn t wait and was not disappointed for my complete take on this story, go here Awesome as AlwaysRhiannon never fails to deliver an amazing story It was great to revisit the fort with a fresh story for two of my favorite zombie fighting heroes This little gem was great and the action was so well depicted that the visualization actually had my pulse