Dracula Investigates... (Dracula Investigates, #1)

Dracula Investigates... (Dracula Investigates, #1) Meet The Greatest Detective Of Them All OK The Greatest Detective In Transylvania From His Castle, Count Dracula And His Trusty Man Servant Renfield Solve Crimes Too Mysterious For The Police Using His Vampire Powers, No Clue Will Be Left Undetected And No Criminal Will Escape What Links The Mysterious Robberies Occurring Each Night Around Transylvania Who Stole A Priceless Saxophone From The Museum And Just What Has Happened To The Invisible Flan The First Of The Count S Many Adventures Are Captured Here For Your Enjoyment In The Form Of A Short Adventure Story, Two Amusing Poems And A Solve It Yourself Mystery, So You Can Read The Clues And Try Your Hand At Being A Detective Too There Is Also A Bonus Puzzle Section To Test Your Brain Discover At Www.draculainvestigates.com A fun little read Neat twist Dracula as Sherlock with Renfield as Watson I enjoyed it. A very different take on Dracula A quick and enjoyable read Kids would love it, I m sure.