Secret Nights at Nine Oaks

Secret Nights at Nine Oaks Ever Since Losing His Wife Five Years Ago, Cain Blackmon, A Young And Wealthy Southerner, Has Lived Shut Away Inside His Mansion The Media Even Calls Him The Most Well Known Hermit In The South Once, Phoebe Had Shared An Unforgettable Kiss With Him Except He Married Another Woman Afterward, Leaving Phoebe Heartbroken Now, Phoebe Is Being Hounded By The Press, And Takes Refuge In Cain S Mansion But Cain Seems Determined To Completely Ignore Her During Her Stay 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this one Phoebe, the victim of a celebrity stalker, has taken refuge from the press at her best friend s home, Nine Oaks Her sister s older brother, Cain, has been a recluse at the plantation since his wife s tragic death nine years before When Phoebe was 17, Cain stole her first kiss and also broke her heart Still not over him, she s determined to make him rejoin the living and stop mourning for his late wife This story adapted well to a comic There s a little suspense, the bittersweet pain of a lost love, and Phoebe s impending trial to keep the reader engrossed in the action Cain stubbornly resists Phoebe s every effort to engage with her, preferring to work from dawn until dusk in the solitude of his office Once Phoebe s effervescent personality invades his home,