Violated By Monsters

Violated By Monsters Anna Is A Sexy, Young Developer At One Of The World S Leading Toy Companies, Toy Link The Company Has Been Having Problems With Some Of Their Newest Toys, And When It Comes To Light That The New Office Has Been Built On The Site Of An Ancient Native Burial Ground, Anna Starts To Wonder If The Two Are Related.Little Does She Know, Anna Is About To Find Out The Hard Way At The Center Of A Hardcore Living Toy Gangbang This Is A Filthy Short Story Containing 4,200 Highly Explicit Words It Includes Rough Sex, Gangbangs, Double Penetration, Bukkake, Monster Sex And Living Toys. HAPPY VALENTINE S DAY WEEK i m going to be floating some of my favorite monsterporn reviews until thursday, since goodreads informs me this is romance week hey, beasts bring on the romance stuffed animals are dirrrrty first, a little monsterotica welcome advance warning spoiler tagged for those of you who want to get right to the good stuff view spoiler if you re new to me, welcome i enjoy reviewing monsterporn if you are a person offended by adult language, sexual situations, frank discussions of genital possibilities, or sexual congress between humans and entities or sentient ambulatory objects that are not human, this is not a review you wanna read if you are a person outraged by encountering spoilers in reviews of 12 30 page erotica, this is not a review you wanna read if you are a person who hates GIFs, this is not a review you wanna read if you are a person who enjoys monsterporn for its literary merit or sexxiness, without also being able to laugh at its baked in absurdity, this may not be a review you wanna read i am not mean spirited and i m making no judgments about what folks want to read or write, but i need to get my giggles where i can, and monsterotica has consistently cheered me up my primary c
Crap This has to be the most outrageous and hilarious monster erotica i ve read yet I m not sure what I was expecting going into this one, but that was not it It s still a fun guilty pleasure that I enjoyed. Anna is twenty three years old and works in the research and development department at Toy Link She witnesses some controversial activity while at work and her company offers her a monetary bonus in exchange for her silence This story is super short, incredibly ridiculous, and also a bit funny There s no real character development and there are minor editing issues, but this was an okay guilty pleasures read Definitely not a story to be take