Supernatural cats: An anthology

Supernatural cats: An anthologyThe Game Of Rat And Dragon Cordwainer Smith The Conspirators James White Space Time For Springers Fritz Leiber The Green Cat Cleve Cartmill Space Cat Ruthven Todd The Cat Who Became A Queen Traditional The Cat Changed Into A Woman Jean De La Fontaine The White Cat Comtesse D Aulnoy Smith Ann Chadwick The Better Choice S Fowler Wright Release From Life Claire Necker Puss In Books Traditional The Troll Cat Traditional The King Of The Cats Traditional The King Of The Cats Stephen Vincent Bene T Tobermory Saki Kitty, Kitty, Kitty John Pudney My Father, The Cat Henry Slesar The Cat That Was Fey Arthur Stanley Riggs The Attic Algernon Blackwood The Cat, I Am Gerald Heard Broomsticks Walter De La Mare The Bad Kittens Elizabeth Coatsworth The Haunted Mill Traditional The Cyprian Cat Dorothy L Sayers A Demon Cat Of Old Japan Traditional The Demon Cat Of Connemara Traditional Balu August Derleth Compliments Of The Author Lewis Badgett De Black Cat Crossed His Luck J.D Corrothers The Yellow Cat Elinor Mordaunt True Tales Of Avenging Cats China And Ireland The Black Cat Edgar Allan Poe The Cats Of Ulthar H.P Lovecraft The Squaw Bram Stoker The Stalls Of Barchester Cathedral M.R James Two Grateful Cats Japan And Ireland The Man Who Married His Nightmare Traditional He Didn T Like Cats L Ron Hubbard The White Cat Of Drumgunniol Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu A Real Cat Ghost Story From Animal Ghosts Two Tales Of Haunted Houses United State Folktales Cat Without A Name Denys Val Baker The Language Of Cats Spencer Holst A Feline Felony Lael J Littke Cover Illustration Margo Herr This is one of my favorite books of all time This anthology contains everything from traditional folktales to Cordwainer Smith s brilliant Game of Rat and Dragon and H.P Lovecrafts The Cats of Ulthar Unlike most anthologies, there isn t a single story in this volume that I didn t enjoy. Found this book at the Middlebury Inn the weekend of Ashley s wedding. had to get it from the library when I got back. so far. I can t say I care for the sci fi cats section.

!!> PDF / Epub ✅ Supernatural cats: An anthology ❤ Author Claire Necker –
  • Hardcover
  • 439 pages
  • Supernatural cats: An anthology
  • Claire Necker
  • English
  • 07 December 2019
  • 9780385075619