Lampreys A Secret Government Tactical Team Is Sent To Perform A Clean Sweep Of A Private Research Installation Horrible Atrocities Lurk Within The Abandoned Corridors Mutated Sea Creatures With Insane Killing Abilities Are Waiting To Suck The Blood And Meat From Their Prey Unemployed College Professor Conrad Garfield Is Forced To Assist And Is Soon Separated From The Team Alone And Afraid, Conrad Must Use His Wits To Battle Mutated Lampreys, Infected Scientists And Go Head To Head With The Biggest Monstrosity Of All Can Conrad Survive, Or Will The Deadly Monsters Suck The Very Life From His Body Big issue with consistencyWas interesting premise, but was a bit repetitive some of the actions were pretty far fetched and not entirely cohesive made for interesting read though, and once started I didn t stop till finished What a great book I absolutely loved it.monsters, good guys, bad guys If you thought JAWS was keeping you out of the water, read LAMPREYS I will never get in the ocean seaever.Can t wait to readby this author RomulusNot what I thought it would be But it was pretty good A good read any way and a good idea.