Cursed (Brides of the Kindred, #13)

Cursed (Brides of the Kindred, #13) Commander Stavros Rii Of The Kindred Is A Sin Eater Thick Black Lines Cover His Back And Neck Causing Him To Feel The Pain Of Others It Is A Curse That Threatens To Shorten His Life And Makes Him Unable To Bond With A Female Not That He S Ever Found One He Wants To Bond With Until He Meets CharlieCharlie Sayers Is An Agent With The Earth Protection Bureau And Anti Kindred Agency Dedicated To Ridding The World Of The Big Aliens Charlie Joined The EPB Out Of A Sense Of Patriotism But She Has Her Own Reasons To Hate The Kindred.But She Has Bigger Problems Than The Kindred At The Moment The Enhanced Ones Have Come To Earth And They Re Planning To Take Over The Planet, Enslave The Inhabitants And Strip Them Of All Emotion Charlie Can T Have That So She Agrees To Go Undercover With Stavros To Find The Heart Of Love An Artifact Which Can Destroy Their Mutual Enemy Forever.On Their Dangerous And Difficult Mission, Charlie Learns That Going Undercover With Your Worst Enemy Can Rapidly Turn Him Into Your Best Friend Or Your Lover Can She Hold On To Her Beliefs And Stay True To Herself, Or Will She Lose Her Heart To Stavros And Even If She Gives In To Desire, Will Stav Be Able To Bond Her To Him Or Are They Cursed To Be Apart Forever Main characters Stavros or Stav Charlotte or Charlie Type of Kindred bonding Blood Kindred and Sin EaterThe story of Stavros with the indigo eyes, auburn hair, high cheekbones and strong jaw and the curving lines of ink in a strange shifting pattern around his neck which seem to change if you stare at it too long A Blood Cursed Kindred or Sin Eater.Charlie hates Kindred Because of them, she lost the closest person to her She will end up falling in love with a Kindred and begging him to have her That was the part I loved, but it took a while to happen.I can understand the fact that a lot of the series s fans dislike Charlie She has many self issues, she sounds very selfish and many times she is lost in her hatred, torturing poor Stavros.There is this assignment where Stavros and Charlie are going together to save earth and Charlie keeps talking about being professional and the need for them to be detached from emotions.Stavros on the other hand believes in self sacrificing, unconditional love and true bonding but he doesn t allow himself to have them because it is his destiny t
I will usually only review a book if it is either really good or too awful to remain silent Cursed was one of those books that irritated the living hell out of me.I m a reluctant fan of Evangeline Anderson s There is just something about this series that compels me to continue reading even to the end The recurring theme in this series is damaged, nearly broken people who realize they are missing out on life, but not until the very end The story could ve been better I fell in love with Found but comparing that book to this one would be blasphemy There were several grammatical and spelling errors throughout the book which made it seem unedited There was also the matter of Charlie Charlotte , the heroine of this book.Charlie, oh Charlie.I would ve given the book 10 stars if Charlie had jumped off of a cliff somewhere and died while a woman who loved herself and was secure in her body found him and mated with him without any reservations But that s not what happened.Charlie was at once an abrasive and rude female, which made it almost impossible for me to relate to her or care for her fate At no point did I see myself as wanting to be her, even with the sex scenes Stavros was compelling and warm even though he d been through a terrible childhood as well He fell in love with Charlie even though she d shown no redeemable qualities in her character other than her bravery and physical beauty This alone made it unbelievable that Stav would fall in love with her, especially since she
Dear Ms Anderson, It is possible to write conflict without making your heroine act like the following StupidignorantflippantchildishindecisiveirrationalPS HIRE AN EDITOR Okay, now for the review.This is the problem I have with EA stories The writer has so much creativity and great ideas but the execution is completely off I was with the h
2.5 StarsCommander Stavros is a Sin Eater, he can feel the pain of the people around him like it was his own, shunned by most other Kindred, the cursed are destined to life solitary and short lives, unable to take a mate However, he soon beings to question his ability to take a mate when he meets Charlie, a woman who seems to despise not only him, but all Kindred and yet he can t help but feel drawn to her When they are both sent on a mission together to save Earth from the Enhanced Ones, they are pushed together and not only their safety but the fate of Earth rely on them trusting and loving one another Back to my not so secret love for all things involving sexy aliens, especially when those aliens happen to be Kindred I can t help but be addicted to Evangeline Anderson s sexy and yet slightly ridiculous Brides of the Kindred series.There was one big problem with this book particular book in the series the heroine The the book went on the I wanted to reach through my kindle and give her a bitch slap As much as I normally love this series, I found Cursed hard to get through due to th
1.5 stars, the heroine was too angry to like.,Not a good addition to the series Too much hate and anger in this heroine and it went on for too long The hero was never given a chance to speak for himself and he was secondary to the story and charlotte s hatred Personally, I ve never liked the trip to the sexual healing resort, pretend to be a couple trope, in contemporary romance and I liked it even less in space The entire reason why I read these books is because I want to read somet
I really enjoyed this book The story does have a familiar ring to it Kindred and partner has to go on a death defying mission but I really like it and even tho at times I thought thats like another kindred book It didn t ruin the book for me Charlie had huge issue with kindred and Starv thinking
I love this series and it never gets old The various Kindred are different enough to stop the stories becoming too formulaic The book is well written and with lots of drama and saving the world from certain doom along with the romance Keep them coming. Cursed is the thirteenth book in the Kindred Bride Series by Evangeline Anderson and they just keep getting better and better One of the things I love is I once again get to be reimmersed into the hypnotic, familiar yet continually surprising worlds the author has built for us, Never disappointed I know I am going to enjoy the next adventure, new planets, worlds, aliens, etc each new book in the series brings I highly recommend reading these books in order as many of the characters and some of the story loops play significant roles in all the books.In Cursed we are still dealing with the evil Dark Kindred, Two who is also possessed by the demon Ur Two Ur has succeeded in creating a war between earth and the Kindred including a ban on calling brides from earth Ur s plan to take over and enslave the earth is starting to become a reality.Staveros is a rare Sin Eater Kindred who your heart goes out to Genetically inheriting a debilitating curse to suffer feeling others pain, he is shunned by his family and planet at a tender young age Staveros is forced to live as an abomination with the knowledge that because all he must endure, he will die at an early age Cursed Kindred do not take a mate and live lonely lives bec
Be prepared to cry I absolutely love this series I m so hooked on The Brides of the Kindred that it s painful to have to wait for the next releases Evangeline Anderson did a fabulous job with Stavros story Cursed Book 13 of the series releases October 31st and if you follow the Kindred this is a must have.Commander Stavros Rii is a Sin Eater or some of his kind call him cursed Inflicted at the young age of 6 cycles with the virus he s had to grow up shunned by all His own mother couldn t bear to look at him She was concerned with the stigma of having her only child marked by the virus Stavros would never be able to claim a bride mate and his life expectancy was maybe 40 cycles 40 human years He pretty much kept to himself, living a life of solitude and isolation You see he could feel everyone s physical pain around him Not emotion but pain.This read picks up where Enhanced leaves off Earth has declared War against the Kindred and had stopped the program where the Kindred come to earth to find their brides The Dark Kindred and the Enhanced have joined togethe
I adore the Brides of the Kindred books I ve read every one within a week of the release date and will continue to read the next books in this series Having said thatCURSED had a problem I just couldn t get past This book challenged my ability to suspend disbelief Any romance, sci fi romance in particular, requires the reader to suspend disbelief in order to get into the story What bothered me about CURSED was the running theme of let s pretend we re just doing this for the job I felt like the heroine was too selfish, walking around thinking she could use the hero in whatever way she deemed necessary and never consider his feelings The hero was Kindred, not an emotionless android, so this left me feeling unsympathetic toward the heroine The hero was so self sacrificing I almost couldn t see him as strong enough to be the hero at all Not all heroes need to be cavemen or alphas but they need the ability to stand up for themselves at some point in the story What finally knocked my rating of this book down from a 4 or 5 to a 3 was the game