Steths Say The Phrase No Two Are Ever Alike, And Most Think Of Snowflakes Or Fingerprints But Steths, With Their Ability To Hear Heartbeats And The Emotions Within Them Know That Each One Of Those Is Unique As Well.Sixteen Year Old Devin Chambers Wants Nothing Than A Football Scholarship, His Ticket To A Life Beyond The Hardscrabble Neighborhood He Calls Home But It S His Abilities As A Steth That Get Him Noticed By The Prestigious Faulkner Academy.Being A Faulkner Man Means A Life Of Privilege And Influence In The Wrong Hands, It Also Means Having The Power To Destroy Lives, As Devin Learns When He Encounters A Man Being Framed For Terrorism He Hears Innocence In The Man S Heart, But It S A Belief No One Else Shares, And He Ll Have To Risk His New Life And Bright Future To Save A Condemned Man From The Death Penalty. I liked this book a lot It was easy to read and enjoyable from the first sentences And some parts made me smile Also the cover is beautiful and attractive It was one of the things that caught my attention.I liked main character Devin He seemed good hearted person having his own mind and strong opinion It doesn t mean he was always right and he didn t do mistakes He did He made choices that cost him than he thought it would But it still was easy to like him for me Also idea about Steths was interesting and new one for me I enjoyed reading about them, their history, about testing and training their abilities, it seemed challenging and interesting Actually, while reading, I thought I would like to participate in testing and training like this myself, and I wondered how would I deal with such tests don t mind that main fact that I m not Steth Not what I would succeed at it It begins like a story about a guy in high school, but it brings some mysterious events too I was curious to know how the story goes, to know if Shawn was guilty or not, and what will Devin do Reading further I had the feeling that something was messy, that there were secrets in here, and I w
Full review to come Goodreads Synopsis Say the phrase No two are ever alike, and most think of snowflakes or fingerprints But Steths, with their ability to hear heartbeats and the emotions within them know that each one of those is unique as well.Sixteen year old Devin Chambers wants nothing than a football scholarship, his ticket to a life beyond the hardscrabble neighborhood he calls home But it s his abilities as a Steth that get him noticed by the prestigious Faulkner Academy.Being a Faulkner man means a life of privilege and influence In the wrong hands, it also means having the power to destroy lives, as Devin learns when he encounters a man being framed for terrorism He hears innocence in the man s heart, but it s a belief no one else shares, and he ll have to risk his new life and bright future to save a condemned man from the death penalty My Review Though new found powers are fun, this story just wasn t for me I requested this book from netgalley because it seemed interesting enough, and I needed something new to read, and as much as I wanted to like this book, I just couldn t sink into it The characters were stereotypical, and kind of bland to be honest I felt like it took too long to get through this book, and that s because I had to keep stopping and re reading chapters In a way, I m glad I read this book, because I never would ve thought about people having the powers to
Actual rating 3.5 I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.This book is set in a world where some people can hear other people s heartbeats During a trial against a terrorist, the protagonist Devin is convinced to hear his innocence while everyone else pleads guilty and said terrorist is sentenced to death.This book started out really slow For the most part, I felt like barely anything happened and some scenes and dialogues were just dragged out However, I liked the characters a lot during the whole book, and I started enjoying it much in the last third where all the action happened In my opinion, the book didn t require all the world building that was done and would have benefitted from some action, but overall
Seth s cognition 392 397 Karl Fields 11 22 14 posted 12 12 14Ms Preston Civics teacher wanted the class at Porter H.S Panthers to discuss Curtis Shaw chemist, aka terrorist, former Faulkner Academy, Steth current ongoing trial He was accused of planning on blowing up the Hyperion Systems company bioengineering where he was employed Our civics class was going on a field trip to the Shaw trial We were introduced to Anne intern for Judge Amador All rise Judge Amador Chief Magistrate, Steths his 2 associates entered the courtroom Towards the end the Judge Amador read the verdict guilty Our class had voted guilty 22 1, I Devin Dev Chambers A A, narrator, Jr student, OL was the not guilty abstaining vote After practice 1 day I was at my car Mickey De La Puente guidance counselor approached me Because of my fictitious vote yesterday he offered me a full ride to Faulkner Academy elite private school Travis Benedict student got an offer also At a couple of us got in a scuffle at Stafford s burger place with Mike former student his buddy 1 00 AM Marcus West Devin stepdad, switch operator took me back home The nex
I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review While this book had a strong and interesting male narrator and lots of action and intrigue, It just didn t hold my attention It was well written and maybe if I were a teen guy, it would have been engaging Part of the problem was the decision to spend so long establishing a court case that the rest of the book hinged on It was logical for the plot, but less logical for the pacing The abilities of the steths were easy to follow, and it was pretty cool how the author revised history to include them There was a lot of character building for Devin, and he came across as a guy you would want for a friend He spent a lot of time thinking about his future with or without sports, and I thought he had a lot of
Wow, this is so completely different from anything I have read before, it was fantastic I just wish it was longer I had never heard of this book until I stumbled across it on here, and now its time to spread the word.This starts out a little slow, there s a fair bit of character and world building which I enjoyed and sets up some good ground work for the next book There better be a next book by the way.I really love how some of the characters have supernatural gifts but they aren t ridiculously unbelievable, given evolution these types of things may be possible at some stage, its far likely then being able to shoot lasers from your eyes at least.I loved the characters in this, they are so well written and I got surprisingly attached to Devin and Travis, when they had a little bro fight I was so devastated I don t want to give to much away as this was fantastic not knowing at all where it was going,
Didn t really know what to expect when I started this To begin with, it was slow going as nothing seemed to be happening However once you got about a quarter of the way through, the plot and characters got interesting and the a
Author s guest post at my blog A little slow starting off but once it got going, it was a real pager turner I would recommend this book to one and all.