A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

A Vindication of the Rights of WomanVintage Feminism Classic Feminist Texts In Short FormWITH AN INTRODUCTION BY ZOE WILLIAMS The Term Feminism Did Not Yet Exist When Mary Wollstonecraft Wrote This Book, But It Was The First Great Piece Of Feminist Writing In These Pages You Will Find The Essence Of Her Argument For The Education Of Women And For An Increased Female Contribution To Society Her Work Made The First Ripples Of What Would Later Become The Tidal Wave Of The Women S Rights Movement Rationalist But Revolutionary, Wollstonecraft Changed The World For Women. Wollstonecraft is not passionate she does not offer any inspiring words or flowery language Wollstonecraft writes with no embellishment or artistry yet, her words are commanding and exceedingly persuasive because what she does have is cold, hard, logic And she knows it My own sex, I hope, will excuse me, if I treat them like rational creatures, instead of flattering their fascinating graces, and viewing them as if they were in a state of perpetual childhood, unable to stand alone She refused to appeal to the sensibilities and imaginations of her readers Instead she wished to display her rational intellect, an intellect free of flights of fancy and one that had the ability to access the situation in all its reality She argued that women, in their current state, had no means of proving their worth She believed that women were physically inferior to men, but in terms of intellect they were equal and that they so desperately needed a noble, edifying, pursuit in which to show this Wollstonecraft offers many compelling arguments in here, though for me her most logical pertains to human progress she argues that without education it will simply stop a very true point Humanity needs to continue to develop, but this is impossible if only half of humanity is educated She argues that women cannot teach their children if they in turn are not educated How can she impart any wisdom or teach any sense of patriotism if she has not learnt to love mank
OH MY GOD , this uncoventional, feminist woman is mother of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, who was one of my favorite author only after Rowling, Wilde, Plathetc SHELLEY, you never tell me how cool your mother was I thought we were best friends. Idly I wondered if to kiss the rod in the context of women s behaviour after being chastised by her husband was meant to be a double entendre but probably not as she is high minded, but luckily I made my idle observation in a dejected off hand way because later she says Respect for man, as man, is the foundation of every noble sentiment How much modest is the libertine who obeys the call of appetite or fancy than the lewd joker who sets the table in a roar p232 , so shame on you if you were tempted to smile at the thought of rod kissing.I did allow myself to be intimidated in to putting off reading this book which has been languishing on the shelf since last year despite reading her impressively passionate Letters Written During a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway and Denmark in part by the terrifying title vindication, rights, woman All suggestive of great earnestness and grappling with fundamental issues, small wonder, I plead, that I allowe
3.5 4 as blind obedience is ever sought for by power, tyrants and sensualists are in the right when they endeavour to keep women in the dark, because the former only want slaves, and the latter a play thing I saw reference several times to Mary Wollstonecraft around International Women s Day recently and thought I should find this book I read and enjoyed about a third of it, but I eventually got bogged down in the repletition and the language The English literary style of the late 1700s is not easily skimmed, and I really just wanted a sense of her propositions, not chapter and verse.I know I didn t read it all, but I read enough to recognise its importance and her passion, for which I give her four stars.She certainly lets the fellows have it with both barrels She frequently says that what might pass for an acceptable lifestyle in the seraglio harem is hardly an appropriate goal for young women She rails against the injustice of inequality of power The power of the rich over the poor, men over women, and men over soldiers who go straight into the military with no other education.She hopes women won t take offense at her appealing to their good sense and seeming to o
HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN S DAY TO EVERYBODY Make them free, and they will quickly become wise and virtuous, as men become so for the improvement must be mutual, or the injustice which one half of the human race are
As convenient as it can sometimes be, a disadvantage of reading from anthologies is that one can graduate from college with the vague notion that one has read a work in its entirety, only to discover later that in fact one has read only a page and a half of it in a long forgotten Eighteenth Century British Literature class Which, as you may have guessed, is exactly what happened to me with Mary Wollstonecraft s seminal 1792 treatise A Vindication of the Rights of Woman I m happy to have rectified my mistake at last and read Vindication from cover to cover Unsurprisingly, Wollstonecraft s arguments assume a significant degree complexity and idiosyncrasy on what I had, until recently, been thinking of as my second time through And in fact, as much as she would probably have disapproved of the comment, it was Wollstonecraft s own character that particularly appealed to me throughout this reading I agreed with her on some points and disagreed with her on others, but throughout I enjoyed her forthrightness, her willingness, to use a modern phrase, to call bullshit on all the male arguments used to claim that women s natural state is one of gentl
Ce livre est un pamphlet politique britannique paru en 1792, en r action aux d bats de l Assembl e Constituante en France quant l tablissement de l instruction publique, plus particuli rement un rapport de Talleyrand view spoiler hide spoiler the Rights of Woman must be respected, I loudly demands JUSTICE for one half of the human race Mary WollstonecraftWhile I read a book, I always have take some notes about beautiful words, interesting thoughts I underline, not on the book pages, I hate this But on my red spiral notepad next to me, the quotes to remember or to use for my review This time, I should have noticed nearly everything because each paragraph is important, each chapter is interesting.I learned about the history of women, how they were and still are in a way , underestimated by men And Mary Wollstonecraft has great and very modern thoughts about the children s education, boys and girls, and so many other subjects.I would have liked to quote all the book for you, readers, because Mary Wollstonecraft was so intelligent, courageous, cultivated, in a time were women were, because they had to be, uncultivated and afraid.Mary Wollsronecraft tells us, women, the reason why we see ourselves the way we do, and still nowadays if she knew I can t write a longer review
3.5 5 Women, I allow, may have different duties to fulfil but they are human duties, and the principles that should regulate the discharge of them, I sturdily maintain, must be the same. Sound familiar The quote I started my review of Beauvoir s The Second Sex with runs in a similarly powerful vein, and is why I am, for the first time, rounding my half star up instead of down When it comes to this work, one must mercilessly separate the wheat from the chaff if the aim is Wollstonecraft s spirit and not her letter, but what remains is a svelte and shining sword of a spine that can be run through even her own obstinate instances of bad faith To ancient works that offer me this ironclad potential of self reflexivity, I will give the full benefit of my attention The phrases ahead of the times , represented the times , behind the times , etc, etc, mean nothing to me, for it was not too long ago when the closest semblance to humanity was a heap of atoms squirming in the muck and the lightning Our species will not survive long enough to merit me wasting my time on grading morality on a curve M oss covered opinions assume the disproportioned form of prejudices, when they are indolently adopted only because age has given them venerable aspect, though the reason on which they were built ceases to be a reason, or cannot be traced Why are we
I imagine Mary ruffled a few feathers when this book was published in 1792, but she only said what needed to be said Examples of the suppression of women were many, but Wollstonecraft chronicles the ones that were most important to her and provides an intelligent, common sense analysis of what needed to be done in each instance One of the most important was education, and her belief that young girls needed and deserved the same type of education that was made available to young men Progress has been made since 1792, but in her examples you will see that shades of the past still linger in certain areas This is an important work and should be read by everyone, bu

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