Consort (Dr Sex Series Book 2)

Consort (Dr Sex Series Book 2) Samantha And Ryan Kick Off Their Sex Therapy Tour In Manchester They Become Closer And Trust Begins To Build, But All Along Samantha Feels There S Something He S Hiding About Himself He S Guarded, Reserved And Restrained Ryan S Relationship With His Ex GF Has Left Him With Deep Emotional Scars And He Needs Samantha To Take His Mind Off That, But Soon It Becomes Clear That He Wants Far From Her Than Partnership, Fun And Distraction While Enjoying Their Passionate Journey All Around Europe, Will Ryan And Samantha Find What They Really Need From Each Other 18 For Language And Sexual Content. What An Ending This book was fantastic I was shocked several times The first big surprise was Ryan s darker side We find out a lot about his background and what makes him tick He is a very interesting man Not to mention hot as hell And the way he and Samantha interact becomes even steamy than in book 1.The biggest surprise comes at the very end of the book It bl
Once again Miss Liss you have amazed us with your great writing skills and the amazing way that you make me feel as if I know your characters personally Plot and story lines for this second book in the therapy series is amazing You manage to portray Samantha who is felling her feet and new relationship brilliantly, we totally get to see ho
OMG, this book has best 2nd book cliffhanger.I could not believe what happened I am absolutely IN LOVE with Ryan and I feel so bad for him and Sam I had to buy book 3 straight away and read it before I wrote my review, because I had to find out what happenedit was a must Oh wow, can t get enough of this I want it to go on forever, I just adore Samantha and Ryan in a way they are so similar but so complex inside themselves. I did not like this one as much as the first book Mostly bored and waiting for something to happen which doesn t come until the shocking end Hopefully the last book is better Loved it a must read can t wait for part 3 how will it all end I don t want to give away to much all I will said is must read.