The Sparrow Found a House (Sparrow Stories #1)

The Sparrow Found a House (Sparrow Stories #1) Popular Books, The Sparrow Found A House Sparrow Stories 1 Author Jason McIntire This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Sparrow Found A House Sparrow Stories 1 , Essay By Jason McIntire Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I was asked by a Christian friend for recommendations for her pre teen children I realised that I couldn t think of anything other than the Junior Pilgrim s Progress But, they were already reading that It was then that I thought of the Sparrow books that I had seen on Goodreads.Sergeant Sparrow marries a nominal Christian mother with four children He has conservative biblical values that he begins to try to instil in the household Obviously there is tension as the children had become used to their worldly freedoms with few boundaries and a lack of discipline Who will win the battle of wills In addition to clearly explaining the Gospel, the author deals with bullying, violent computer games and movies, use of gadgets, modesty in dress, the state s interference in family life, home schooling and creationism vs evolution The issues are covered biblically and are very relevant for pre teens up to early teens I was surprised that the author managed to cover so many issues in what is a relatively short book and that they seemed to naturally arise through the story rather than being forced into the text just to make the point These are the type of issues that children are dealing with now But there is sadly a lack of good Christian literature available for this age group it tends to be fantasy or fairy stories These have their place, but a diet of them may distract children fro
I have mixed feelings about this book Overall, it was quite well done The wordings, grammar, and punctuation were all pretty spot on Story wise, it seemed a bit lacking The storyline with Jessie and her relationship with her new step dad wasn t anywhere near as prominent as I thought it would be, considering as that is the impression it gives in the book description But that being said, that storyline was still very well done I do find it interesting that a guy would chose to make his main character a girl The character development was pretty good The best characters in my opinion, were Sergeant Sparrow, and Ben I liked the parts about Creation Evolution, particularly the part with Chris and Ben in the museum The Sparrow s sudden decision SPOILER ALERT to homeschool seemed a bit sudden and out of the blue, and the children s reaction seemed a bit off In my mind, a 15 or 16 year old person who has gone to public school all their life wouldn t give into being homeschooled without a fight In my experience anyway I really was not a fan of the storyline with Mr Dimes It seemed very unrealistic to me Especially the whole SPOILER ALERT forgive me, I don t know how to use spoiler tags cherry bombs on the Sparrows back porch thing One last cri
With the first chapter, you are thrown into The Sparrow Found a House with the two teens of the family As the book progressed and changed between the viewpoint of almost every member of the family, it kept my interest up and was a good, fast paced read.Coming from a conservative Christian standpoint, I appreciated the attitude behind this book It
About this book What if your new stepdad was a Bible toting Army Sergeant Fifteen year old Jessie Rivera is living every teenager s nightmare Her widowed mom has married a man who wears his heavy Christian values like his sergeant s stripes on both sleeves Glenn Sparrow is persistent, immovable, and not afraid to be firm Worse than that, he s loving, kind even fun and he has Chris, Moe, and Katie completely won over But Jessie is determined that she won t be won over, or give up her freedom without a fight She knows what she wants, and it isn t what they ve got Or is it Series Book 1 in the Sparrow Stories series Spiritual Content Many, many, many Prayers Scriptures are mentioned, read quoted Witnessing Many, many, many Talks about God, Jesus, creation, gifts, modesty being a Christian H s are capital when referring to God, but not when referring to Jesus Many, many, many Mentions of prayers Many mentions of church, devotions Bible reading Mentions of those in the Bible Mentions of Christmas Jesus birthday Mentions of Hymns Mentions of Christian values the public school systems view A few mentions of Heaven miracles A couple mentions of a creation museum A mini debate between a creationist an evolutionist A mention of a Catholic school Note A few mentions of an article of a Christian family that was written into the definition of a cult Negative Content Minor cuss
Wow I can t say enough about the wonderful family transformation that is so amazingly portrayed in this book Justwow There s people getting saved and lives being changed Ahh, it was so refreshing 3 The writing was amazing and oh, so funny, I can t begin to count the times I laughed while reading this The characters were flawed and believable the best kind of characters and I could relate to them in various ways Of the characters, the Sergeant was probably my favorite His amazing love for his wife and these kids that are his only by marriage was just so wonderful I could relate to Chris and Jessie really well them being the two teens in this book Their struggles with a new stepfather and all the changes he brought to their family was shone in a real down to earth way Moe and Katie were really cute and I enjoyed reading from their viewpoints And, of course, the book just wouldn t have been the same without Ben and Mrs Mrs Scroggins D I really enjoyed the Biblical stance that was taken in various areas including evolution, video games, and homeschooling There s absolutely no romance in this book I usually like a little romance in a book, but I didn t miss it here It just
It s very rare that I read a book and agree with everything the author writes This is one of the best, family reads that I have read in a long time The lessons that the Sparrow family learn are worth remembering and it encouraged me to live my walk with God in way that will bring others to him.I like
More in depth review to come. 5 StarsGreat Family Read AloudSuitable for all agesWhere can I begin Before I was two chapters into this book, I knew I would be giving it five stars I LOVED it I couldn t put it down and it wasn t because it was packed with action or romance It was a simple story of family transformation And it held me captive.I am not even sure how to put my finger on what it was I loved so much Perhaps it was the simplicity Perhaps it was the family transformation or wholesome, Christian values Perhaps it was the humor, which sometimes had me laughing out loud Perhaps it was the fact that the gospel was clearly laid out Whatever it was, the book was incredible.This deserves its own spot I loved the sergeant Enough said.Outside of a few grammatical errors and the fact that the synopsis leads you to believe the story is about Jessica it is about the whole family, which I actually liked and prefer , I wouldn t change a thing The author s personal convictions shone through in a way
What an amazing story From the first chapter I knew that this book would end up being one of my favorites, and sure enough it did just that The characters are all so real and all so different too, and go through different experiences And it s very seldom that I agree with nearly everything in a book as long as this one was The rules about things like phones and Wi Fi that the Sergeant and his wife made for their family are very similar to the rules my own parents have made I really liked the characters, their problems, their solutions to the problems, the decisions that the Sparrow family made throughout the book i.e moving to the count
Wow If I can read a book nonstop for 2 hours it has GOT to be good And that is EXACTLY what just happened Everything was clean and never inappropriate I agreed with the Sergeant s standards of dress and everyday living This book was so encouraging and gave me thoughts to ponder 5 s

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