My High School Boyfriend

My High School Boyfriend In 1983, Glen Farris, A Poor Teenager Who Was Bullied At School And Ignored At Home, Believed He Was Destined To Lead A Life Of Loneliness And Solitude Until Shannon Dupree, A Handsome And Stylish Young Man From The City, Moved Into The Abandoned House Next Door Shannon Lived Alone Because His Recently Divorced Mother Liked To Travel, And The Rambling Old Mansion Near The Ghost Town Of Thurmond, West Virginia, Built With Coal Money By Shannon S Great Grandfather, Provided A Refuge, A Place Where The Boys Could Relax And Not Worry About Those Who Would Judge Them They Became Close During The Summer Between Their Junior And Senior Years Of High School, And In The Fall, They Became Boyfriends They Planned To Run Away Together After Graduation, But Their Dreams Were Almost Destroyed When Glen S Father, A Fundamentalist Preacher, Discovered They Were Than Friends. This is a beautiful YA coming of age story This is one of those books you pick up and before you know it, you ve finished it There s not a lot of angst and there s a HEA ending I really loved Shannon and Glen and hope we get to see of them Just a sweet story. It s a nice storyThe writing is a little awkward and somewhat stilted However, I give the author full credit for putting together a really nice story that actually carries on past school and university At a couple of points I began to think that things
1.9 stars Not What I ExpectedThat old saying is true, especially in this case, You can t judge a book by its cover I m not one to read the story s description, I like to be surprised Based on this book s cover I thought I would be reading an inner city teenage love story with a LOT of sex I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by this very heartfelt story about an introverted teenage boy from West Virginia who gets tortured by the bullies in school and his bully preacher father at home Then on his first day of his junior year,which also happens to be his seventeenth birthday, he meets a
I read this entire book in one sitting, and I thoroughly enjoyed it The characters were relatable and realistic, even though they were a bit cliche at times The story was sweet and it had a happy ending, which I m always grateful for. I agree with Michael This is a beautiful and sweet story While there are a few cliche moments, the overall story than makes up for it Fell in love with Shannon and Glen Bravo