EdinburghTwelve Year Old Fee Is A Gifted Korean American Soprano In A Boys Choir In Maine Whose Choir Director Reveals Himself To Be A Serial Pedophile Fee And His Friends Are Forced To Bear Grief, Shame, And Pain That Endure Long After The Director Is Imprisoned Fee Survives Even As His Friends Do Not, But A Deep Seated Horror And Dread Accompany Him Through His Self Destructive College Days And After, Until The Day He Meets A Beautiful Young Student Named Warden And Is Forced To Confront The Demons Of His Brutal Past. A sad and powerful story of sexual abuse and human resilience Twelve year old Aphias Zee nicknamed Fee , a talented singer, joins a renowned boys choir in Maine While his Korean and Scottish ancestry sets him apart from his peers, his most horrid suffering ties them all together Fee, like others in his cohort, receives sexual abuse from Big Eric, their choir director Upon Big Eric s eventual imprisonment, Fee must find a way to survive the demons of his past even when all his former friends perish in the process.This book has so much necessary sadness Fee undergoes awful trauma, and Chee writes about it in a poetic way without romanticizing Fee s hardship Chee s prose showcases his cultural sensitivity and his penchant for the finer nuances of language He releases Fee s waves of sadness onto us in a way we can comprehend, even if Fee cannot We need books like this books that depict ugly, despairing truths, so we can see them for what they are and work to prevent them.Chee s descriptions of Fee s relationships reveal the extent to which abuse perpetuates itself He shows how Fee copes with his homosexuality and his distrust with himself, all to highlight the devastating effects of trauma While Hanya Yanagihara approaches childhood abuse with a
There are certain books that so utterly evoke the depth of human emotions that all the trappings that make a novel what it is plot, setting, characters become secondary to the emotional landscape that the reader must traverse This is a novel of total sensory immersion right along with the characters I felt shame and weakness and guilt and angst, the pain of childhood innocence being lost, and the way that children are powerless to prevent it This novel is a like howl into a bottomless void, from which no words are echoed, only sparks of light and pools of shadow So evocative are these beautiful words that the pages throb with the elegiac music of ravaged souls, boys tossed into the lion s den to be eaten and r
What is so remarkable about Alexander Chee s debut novel Edinburgh is that he does what is so very difficult to do he takes what is ugly and despicable and creates a compelling, utterly truthful and, yes, an even beautiful story of it By interweaving his prose with Korean folklore, Chee imbues the novel with an almost dreamlike state, one where the dream is equal parts part nightmare and a rose tinted remembrance of a childhood gone too quickly Aphias Zee nicknamed Fee is a 12 year old singer in a Maine boys choir where it is revealed that the choir director, Big Eric, is selectively choosing boys from the group, grooming them and then subjecting them to frequent sexual abuse As the book progresses we see the relationship Fee has with the other boys in the group and his especially strong connection with one of Big Eric s favorite boys, Peter We are drawn in and feel the pain Fee does when he sees what the choir director is doing, understanding it for what it is, but not being able to distance the sexual abusers horrible acts from his own emerging homosexuality and his own attraction to Peter But what Fee who is a mix of Korean and Scottish parentage also cannot reconcile for himself is the fact that he isn t like Peter, he isn t fair haired and therefore isn t one of Big Eric s favorites In this way, Chee explores two fascinating and remarkable aspects of Fee s life the complexity and emotionally confusing relationship
Most people have rated this book very highly so it must have been a serious emotional experience for them It vies with Hanya Yanagihara s recent A Little Life as the weepiest, most depressing literary fiction so far this century If you like reading about the suicides of gay boys and men, of adults sexually abusing choir boys, of children killing their parents, of gay men drifting aimlessly through life, damaged by their childhoods, seemingly connected to their friends but actually suffering in terrible emotional isolation, then you ll love both these books.Neither are my taste at all And I am a gay man, a member of the target audience Sorry For not liking Edinburgh, I mean.It was published in November, 2001, a most unpropitious moment just after 9 11, which probably ruined its market value since nobody wanted to read depressing books at that awful time It s probably taken until nearly now for readers to want those types of books again, at least in quantities worth publishing Here s something interesting i
Alexander Chee s Edinburgh is necessary, is timely, and is downright gorgeous despite it s sometimes ugly subject matter This is the story of Fee how his life ended up the way it did, on a beach, deciding to live instead of die It is also a fox story Of how a fox can be a boy And so it is also the story of a fire The significance of the fox comes from Fee s heritage the myths of the shape shifting fox demon and how that demon returns and speaks through those possessed Most importantly, it is about how the fox demon turns back into a human being, back into a man The significance of fire is that it is how things die they are set alight and then they extinguish, keeping their secrets Burning hides what burns there Somewhere deep in him was a memory of light that pierced him from end to end like a spit Mostly, it is a tragic love story Unrequited love Burning love The horrible love of a man for young boys The wondrous love of a boy for another boy The unbearable love of a teenager for his teacher The never ending love of a boy for his lost
Edinburgh, Alexander Chee s critically acclaimed debut novel, is a heartbreakingly powerful and emotional read It is a coming of age story which follows the trials and tribulations of twelve year old Korean American Aphias Fee Zhe, who lives in Cape Elizabeth near Portland, Maine, and who is fighting to overcome the effects of being sexually molested by Big Eric Gorendt, director of the Pine State Boys Choir As you no doubt realise, this is far from a lighthearted, easy work However, the message that emanates from this gut wrenching tale is one of hope and the triumph of good over evil.I can certainly see why this work won numerous awards when it was first released in the US back in 2001, and it s nice to have UK Edition albeit nearly eighteen years later It explores the horrific mental and emotional damage these boys Fee was not the only victim go through and how they cope with this trauma From the opening lines of the novel, we are told of the demise and subsequent death of Fee s first love, Peter Issues such as m
I find myself breathless reading the work of Alexander Chee His writing and storytelling has a quality that completely captures me but is so nuanced and complex that my brain has to work double time to keep up Queen of the Night had me soaring, How to Write an Autobiographical Novel gave me so much to think about and Edinburgh, on a second reading, has broken my heart and mended i
4.5 5 What do you do, when the criminal goes away Where s the rest of the story The criminal is still here Story, here.Alexander Chee s Edinburgh is a fairly slim novel, but, once I dived into it, I realized the book might be slim, but the story isn t skinny in any way It s a beautifully written story, too And yet The beauty of Alexander Chee s writing is almost deceptive it doesn t hide the ugliness, but for me it was almost too difficult to reconcile the beauty of the narrative with the ugliness and heaviness of its themes And still I found myself sinking into Fee s the protagonist story without even noticing This novel consumed me almost completely I say almost , because, while most of Edinburgh is narrated by Fee himself, there s a small portion from the point of view of another character, which I m a bit ambivalent about Perhaps not so much because I thi
A wrenchingly beautiful and unbearably sad look at abuse and its aftermath I read this years ago, but it still haunts me. This is a heartbreaking and beautiful first novel by I think a major new American writer The first section, set in New England, details the methodical molestation of Fee, a 12 year old half Korean boy by his choir director, who is victimizing several boys simultaneously Fee s reaction to the experience is complex in the extreme he hates the choir director, he feels soiled and violated, but he also knows he s different from the other boys, because he s gay He s hopelessly in love with another boy, but he s also in despair at the example he s just been given of a grown gay man is this what he will become In the second section, Fee is grown and teaching in a private prep school probably modeled on the Phillips Academy, Andover He s married, if not entirely officially, to his live in lover and believes he s survived in

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