The Red

The RedReality TV And Advanced Technology Make For High Drama In This Political Thriller That Combines The Military Action Of Zero Dark Thirty With The Classic Science Fiction Of The Forever War.Lieutenant James Shelley, Who Has An Uncanny Knack For Premeditating Danger, Leads A Squad Of Advanced US Army Military Tasked With Enforcing The Peace Around A Conflict In Sub Saharan Africa The Squad Members Are Linked Wirelessly 24 7 To Themselves And A Central Intelligence That Guides Them Via Drone Relay And Unbeknownst To Shelley And His Team, They Are Being Recorded For A Reality TV Show.When An Airstrike Almost Destroys Their Outpost, A Plot Begins To Unravel That S Worthy Of Crichton And Clancy S Best The Conflict Soon Involves Rogue Defense Contractors, Corrupt US Politicians, And Homegrown Terrorists Who Possess Nuclear Bombs Soon Shelley Must Accept That The Helpful Warnings In His Head Could Be AI But What Is The Cost Of Serving Its Agenda 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum ever you hear someone say women can t write military science fiction, please do me a favor and smack them over the head with this book First Light is the excellent, smart, and action packed introduction to The Red series, originally indie published but re released again recently by a major publisher along with an audiobook because it is JUST THAT GOOD.Seriously, it doesn t get edge of your seat than this near future thriller, which seamlessly blends advanced technology and military action with political drama In First Light, readers get to meet protagonist Lieutenant James Shelley in an explosive introduction Stationed in a remote military outpost deep in the Sahel, Shelley and his team work round the clock to enforce the peace and gather intelligence in the area, aided by a cyber framework that keeps them all wirelessly linked But that was all before the devastating airstrike.Shelley barely makes it out alive, saved by the mysterious power of precognition that he possesses, a phenomenon not even the top military scientists can explain The attack, however, had cost him both his legs, forcing Shelley to agree to an experimental cybernetics program involving synthetic legs and a permanent monitoring skullcap implanted in his head Very Robocop ish stuff While rec
Ready, Set, Fight for what you believe This is a fairly fast action milspec SF with great cyberpunk tones, but it s still than just that I mean, how many times do you get a modern military thriller with thematic tones of Daniel and Goliath, prophets, and some serious questioning of reality Oh, wait Still, this is one of easiest reads and clearest expressions of all those ideas that I ve read, no obfuscation or trickiness This is straight faith in your commanding officer and a willingness to throw away your career even if you re heavily dependent on a huge support staff because you re a cyborg in the service of your ideals.What might have been a straight and interesting twist on cynical mission based objectives quickly took a turn for the worse when we add mysterious hackers, a world wide popular broadcast of one s fighting adventures, and the widespread subversion of the people s perceptions of reality through propaganda through personal filters that are a thin reference to our own world of ever narrowing perceptions We find those people w
A good military sci fi novel that puts a new sheen to some well worn genre conventions and does so with a nice streak of cynicism and some very subtle black humor The novel takes place in the not too distant future and Nagata does a good job of extrapolating the tech with which a mid 21st Century soldier would be outfitted Besides advanced weaponry, her future soldiers wear powered exoskeletons and rely upon advanced surveillance drones called angels to reconnoiter the surrounding area while they are on patrol The elite combat team in the novel also has neural interfaces that link them to each other, their drones, and to a distant controller that provides them with up to the minute intel based on satellite reconnaissance The combat scenes in the novel are well done, exciting and action filled, but without unnecessary gore.As the novel opens, the main character, Lieutenant Shelly, is in command of a small outpost in Africa s Sahel region where US troops have intervened in a regional conflict Shelly has an almost preternatural ability to sense danger when he and his team are out on patrol Almost as if God is whispering a warning in his ear As the novel progresses, it turns out that something is whispering i
Vrlo uzbudljiv i zanimljiv cyber military techno sf u bliskoj budu nosti Na junak James Shelley zapovjednik je tzv LCS ekipe Linked Combat Squad , jedne vrlo vesele i skladne borbene jedinice iji je zadatak patroliranje terena u potrazi za pobunjenicima negdje u Afri koj zapizdini Shelley vjeruje u teoriju zavjere da svijet treba dr ati u stalnom stanju ratovanja kako vojno industrijski kompleks ne bi ostao bez zarade To zna i, ako nema rata treba ga osmisliti.Shelleyeva ekipa nisu neki luzeri, nego pravi vojnici budu nosti, opremljeni egzoskeletonima za pobolj anje kretnji, na elavo obrijanim glavama nose skullcap kapicu koja im spra i u mozak razne kemikalije za stimulaciju da ne po ize od ratnih strahota, stalno su umre eni jedni s drugima, a iznad njihovih glava ih pazi dron kojim upravlja AI, koji im alje na vizor pregled terena i potencijalne mete, poma e im u ciljanju i pucanju, a mo e se s njim i zajebavati k o s pravim ovjekom Bliska budu not je ba fun No Shelley je poznat po tome da u borbi dobije neki predosje aj, apat u uho od nepoznatog izvora Bog AI koji ga upozorava na opasnosti Tako na po etku izvu e svoju ekipu iz baze taman pred njenim neo ekivanim uni tenjem od mlaznih lovaca, no cijeli doga aj zavr i smr u nekih njegovih suboraca, a on izgubi obje noge Ali to nije bed, jer vojska odlu i testirati na njemu prototip biomehani kih nogu koje mora treningom savladati jer ga vojska opet treba A ne smetaju
There are many possible reasons why I ll choose certain books for review Most often it s simply because they look promising Occasionally it s because I m a fan of the author, series, or sub genre Sometimes I just get drawn in by something intriguing or odd in the publicity copy.But every once in awhile there s a book that, I feel, just deserves attention, a book that s not getting read enough for some reason In those cases, it s wonderful that I can take advantage of the generous platform gives me to introduce people to what I consider hidden gems.Case in point, Linda Nagata s excellent, independently published military SF novel The Red First Light, which, if I can just skip to the point for people who don t like to read longer reviews, you should go ahead and grab right now, especially if you re into intelligent, cynical military SF If you want detail, read on.Read the e
Fast paced, engaging military sci fi The overarching conspiracy is one that I can t wait to untangle and I liked the main character a great deal Not my usual sort of book but I am looking forward to the rest of the series. A solid, tightly written action thriller Cool story, cool characters, a pretty fun book. In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war No that isn t right The sentiment is right, but we are not dealing with the far future here.Start over.War is hell, war is eternal, and war is damn good for business And if war is a business then that leaves very little room for peace Lieutenant James Shelley leads a combat squad far from home, because there is an old saying about things that shouldn t be done where one eats The squad is linked through the cloud, plugged in through a skullcap that leaves the soldiers of tomorrow forever connected Emotions can be controlled, information disseminated, and every action watched through the eyes of these ard soldiers to keep the war machine moving.Shelley is used to following certain premonitions to keep his squad safe, earning him the nickname of King David Failing to follow them causes a disaster and opens up a whole new path The already cynical soldier finds himself learning than he wants about the way his world works war shown as entertainment and just how secure the linked net the army relies on a
There s a point, just before the halfway mark of The Red First Light, where it looks like Nagata is about to pull the rug out from underneath the reader What starts off as your average military SF novel, with a side order of cynicism, suddenly shifts gear Our hero, Lieutenant Shelley, is ordered to meet with defence contractor, power broker and arms dealer Thelma Sheridan She says to him You are being used, Lieutenant For what purpose remains unclear, but there is a force at large in the world interfering in the affairs of Man We built its house, when we built the Cloud Now it moves among us, bleeding through every conflict, every transaction, watching, manipulating and it does not have our best interests in mind Soon after this meeting with Sheridan, there s speculation that this same force an emerging AI may be using a reality TV show about Shelley and his Unit to influence the thoughts of the millions watching the series.For a just a moment it seems that Nagata is going to dispense with the Military and focus on the SF as she narrows in on the idea of an emergent AI using the media and the narrative of reality TV to influence the population.But that thread never really goes anywhere Yes, the Red as the AI is referred to is a constant presence throughout the rest of the novel, a sort of dues ex machina that pops in and out of the plot when
An enjoyable, thought provoking book Consider reading this one even if you do not normally read sci fi military books Nagata created a good mix of characterization with the underlying commentary and themes of free will vs Artificial

[Epub] The Red By Linda Nagata –
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  • 405 pages
  • The Red
  • Linda Nagata
  • 13 August 2019
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