The New House

The New House All That Outwardly Happens In The New House, Writes Jilly Cooper, Is Over One Long Day A Family Moves From A Large Imposing Secluded House With Beautiful Gardens To A Small One Overlooking A Housing Estate But All The Characters And Their Relationships With Each Other Are So Lovingly Portrayed That One Cares Passionately What Happens Even To The Unpleasant Ones The New House, First Published In 1936, Reminds Me Of My Favourite Author Chekhov, Who So Influenced Lettice S Generation Of Writers Like Him, She Had Perfect Social Pitch And Could Draw An Arriviste Developer As Convincingly As A Steely Southern Social Butterfly It Is Tempting To Describe Rhoda Powell, The 30 Plus, Stay At Home Daughter Of A Widowed Mother, As Brookneresque, Wrote The Reviewer In The Guardian, Even Though Lettice Cooper Wrote This Wonderfully Understated Novel Several Decades Before Anita Brookner Mapped The Defining Features Of Quietly Unhappy Middle Class Women While Kate Chisholm In The Spectator Described Lettice Cooper As An Intensely Domestic Novelist, Unraveling In Minute Detail The Tight Web Of Family Relations But One Who Is Also Acutely Aware Of What Goes On Beyond The Garden Gate The Expos Of A Family Under Strain Because Of Changing Times Is Curiously Vivid And Real Than In Many Novels About Family Life Written Today. 4,5 stars rounded upSplit into three sections morning, afternoon and evening, this is a novel set in one day The premise is very simple it concerns a family moving house from a large imposing house with gardens not quite a stately home, but quite big , to something much smaller overlooking a housing estate It is an enforced move as the old house is too large and expensive to be managed Lettice Cooper lived a long life which might seem unremarkable to some As well as being a writer and penning a number of novels, she wrote reviews for a local newspaper, worked for the ministry of food for the Second World War, founded the Writers Action Group, wrote a ground breaking novel about PTSD and spent a lifetime fighting for libraries and Public Lending Rights Her novels examine class with Cooper coming from a leftist perspective and she even wrote a novel about the Miners Strikes of the 1970s This novel was written in 1936 and reflects the changes in the English middle classes after the First World War The family involved is the Powell family Mr Powell has recently died and Mrs Powell can no longer manage the house although she does not really accept this Her daughter Rhoda lives at home and is in her 30s Her brother Maurice lives nearby with his wife Evelyn and their daughter The final sibling Delia lives and works in London and is engaged to be married to Jim All the family are rallying round to
The New House takes place over one very long day that sees the removal of Natalie Powell and her adult daughter Rhoda from their large family home to a much smaller house on the other side of the town The old house is to be demolished to make way for newer modest housing for working class families Rhoda s sister Delia has arrived from London to help, and with her she brings the wind of change The social order is a central theme to this wonderful novel Natalie Powell has been a spoiled and petted woman her whole life, given to childlike rages when she doesn t get her own way, she generally did, and she has become a selfish woman Natalie and her sister Ellen who also comes to help on moving day are still living in their shared past, they were brought up in a certain way, the duties that they believed were due to their parents, they believe are due to Natalie Natalie still recovering from her husband s death, relies on Rhoda to help run the home, Rhoda in her early thirties, has become trapped Aunt Ellen the dutiful sister and daughter who never married and now lives in a kind of hotel for ladies like herself is delighted to be back helping and organising and busy, and in her Rhoda recognises the woman she too could so easily become if she doesn t break free Delia planning soon to marry her fianc Jim is eager to help Rhoda get away and sug
The trouble with human beings was that they wanted things to last So often not what they saw or did today, but what they had seen or done yesterday, was the preoccupation of their lives They wanted childhood to go on, passion to endure, youth to remain. This wonderful book is a marvel of fine writing and fair characterizations of the people that inhabit it When you feel that a certain character is negatively p
Written in 1934 and set in those days, this story revolves around a family who faces removal to a new home due to the death of the father and limited resources Its 319 pages cleverly consists of three parts Morning, Noon and Night.What might be utterly boring becomes insightful gleanings from each family member as their thoughts and conversations meander between the present day and past ones We are given glimpses into the inner workings of their personalities and are either charmed by them or repelled I found myself agreeing with various thoughts and cheering on one of the characters to buck up and become of her own person I also saw myself in a negative tone with some of their thoughts.Although the times and cus
Widowed Natalie Powell and her 32 year old unmarried daughter Rhoda are having to leave the big old house where the family has lived for many years, to move somewhere smaller and cheaper All the action of this book takes place in one day in their northern English town in the 1930s, as they move, helped by Natalie s son Maurice and his wife, a se
Stop everything you are doing and go read this book I mean it I really, really, mean it.This is the kind of novel that you don t want to end The kind that you are thrilled is long a rare, rare thing for me because the world Ms Cooper invites you into is so real and so flawed and so very bittersweet She is kind to he
very nice i really enjoyed it reminded me of Dorothy Whipple. Published in the early 40s I can t believe how it s held up and how relevant it still is. I wish I could give this 5 stars If it were a different time in my life, or if I were a different person, I probably would Right now it cuts too close for comfort Unmarried daughter who s left to care for narcissistic mot
A little slow, but a insightful glimpse at early 20th century life in England Recommended to me by the folks at Persephone based on my love of Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates.

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