Americanin, un chien à New York

Americanin, un chien à New YorkHere, A French Dog, Upon His Return To Paris, Recounts His Amazing Trip To New York City To His Dog Pals Sharing His Visit So They Can Really, Truly See It Through His Eyes, So, Too, Does The Reader, In Page After Glorious Page Of Free, Vibrant, Kinetically Sketched Images Whether It S The Wonder Wheel At Coney Island, The Guggenheim Museum, Grand Central Station, Or A Pug Looking In A Doughnut Shop Window, Americanine Pulsates With Aliveness And Charm Marked By Energy And Humor, And Rendered From A Haute Dog Perspective Through Fresh, As Well As French, Eyes, Americanine Doesn T Give Us The Elegant, Platinum New York Of Stieglitz, But Rather A Bold, Contemporary, Colorfully Diverse City That Feels Bright, Nonstop, And Like No Other In These Pages You Will Find Real People In A Real City, Perceived With The Romance Of A Young French Artist.Yann Kebbi Was Born In Paris In 1987 After Receiving A Degree In Illustration From The Estienne School Of Art, He Continued His Studies In Paris, Where He Spent His Time Creating Prints, Monotypes, And Pencil Sketches Yann Has Done Editorial Illustrations As Well As Book Covers In Europe, The United Kingdom, And The United States Americanine A Haute Dog In New York Is His First Book. Outstanding This picture book has a Parisian dog just back from his travels to New York and he regales his two canine friends with the wonders he saw there He starts with everyday things such as people on treadmills at gyms, bridges, subways and dog walkers then he tells of the landmarks he saw such as the Statue of Liberty, Guggenheim Museum, Grand Central Park and the Flatiron Building The illustration is beautiful, as soon as I opened the book I grinned with delight Kebbi draws with a free hand sketch that is wild and exuberant using pencil and then brilliantly filling in or just going over parts with what appears to be charcoal and coloured pencils There is a lot of white space and, of course, main colours used are blue and red giving a true American spirit to the book This style should appeal to children and I love exposing them to pieces like this as it shows them art does not have to be neat, realistic nor perfect Every other
Super charming book about a dog eye view of New York City What really makes the book is the illustrations Kebbi did all the drawings in colored pencils, and they are so vibrant and lively There are all kinds of overlappng layers and varying levels of detail
Great Book I read it to my Grandson.He loved the pictures,They looked so real.I Would recommend to get this book. This book is interesting and it is different from many of the picture books in circulation But I still didn t quite like it very much. I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway and as a New Yorker, I found it charming It demonstrates the diversity of New York and takes a child on a virtual tour of the city. A well traveled dog returns to his home in Paris and shares all that he learned and experienced while abroad It seems that the dog and his human companion readers never see this person since he she is not important to the story, which I love have been all over New York City The canine is somewhat Americanized since he sports the ubiquitous red, white, and blue associated with our county, and he describes some of the strange things its citizens do although I certainly think the French also have manicures and pedicures and run on treadmills as well as famous spots on a whirlwind sightseeing tour in which he sees Manhattan, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, museums, Coney Island, dog walkers, doggy bags, and the view of the city from the plane Many of the colored pencil illustrations have interesting aspects to explore,
A true dog s eye view love letter to New York City, drawn with colored pencils and a vibrancy that captures the spirit of the city A Parisian dog returns home to explain all that he has seen on his journeys in New York, taking the reader along for a dazzling view of the city s highlights Each deceptively simply sketch contains a wealth of detail and clearly illustrates NYC in full energy Younger readers may not find this as enjoyable as adults at times, but it s a fabulous resource to use when t
Interesting sketchbook style art pencil and color pencil in primary colors Dark endpapers with white pencil drawings look great The drawings of people giving pedicures were a little weird Active wordless spreads Fun method of drawing different dog breeds esp fuzzy ones Not m
I echo another reviewer outstanding This exceptional oversize picture book is told from the perspective of a French dog remembering his trip to NYC Illustrations were made with colored pencil and sparked by memory and emotion The full page spreads depicting Grand Central
A French pooch regales his pals with his experiences and observations visiting New York City It s amusing to see American stereotypes from a French dog s perspective Illustrated with great color pencil drawings.

[EPUB] ✽ Americanin, un chien à New York ❂ Yann Kebbi –
  • Hardcover
  • 72 pages
  • Americanin, un chien à New York
  • Yann Kebbi
  • 27 November 2019
  • 9781592701728