Orc Warfare

Orc Warfare To Defeat Your Enemy, You Must Understand Him This Volume Offers An Indispensable Analysis Of The Most Vicious Killers Of All Orcs Born And Bred For War, They Are An Awful, Brutish, Violent Species And, Despite Their Constant Infighting And Backstabbing, Their Horde Armies Remain A Dire Threat To All Races To Them, War Is Life Beginning With An Examination Of The Fighting Methods Of The Individual Orc Warrior, The Book Expands To Look At How They Do Battle In Their Small Warbands And In Vast Armies Using Vivid, Illuminating Illustrations, It Reveals The Tactics, Technology And Disposition Of All The Orc Troop Types, From Lightly Armed Archers And Heavily Ard Shock Troops To Their Wolf Cavalry And Siege Engines, Uncovering Startling Regional Variations And Highly Specialized Fighters Such As Beserkers And Battle Shamans Finally, It Will Explore Specific Key Battles That Orcs Have Fought In To Develop The Fullest Possible Understanding Of These Loathsome, Terrifying Creatures And The Ways In Which They Go To War. An interesting generic orc and goblin book, dosent focus on one particular table top wargaming rule set.concentrates on orcs by regions eg, forest, mountain, sea and many others.goblins are refered to as smaller orcs not as a separate race.Only for die hard orc players fan.C
Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley Pramas has a point Orcs do get a bit of a bad rap Honestly, where would a great many fantasy novels be without them No where really interesting Orc Warfare attempts to remedy this misunderstanding by presenting Orcs in a tactical light It is Osprey after all Books like these seem to me, to be an excellent idea Taking a fantasy creature or a straight out fantasy and presenting using terms and ideas that used in the real world In a book detailing made up beings, there is a great deal about tactics It s a way to get people interested in learning Pramas breaks down Orcs, going over the strengths and weaknesses of different types There is a discussion about battle tactics hence the references to the real world The most creative and funny part of the book are the quotes that are used to int
This is a nice quick one that reads like a character breakdown for an entire race than a book with a plot and structure but I must say for the very first time I am tempted to be an orc next time I pick up Skyrim or a game where it gives me that opportunity It has elements of the Art of War in terms of tactics, troop deployment and weaponary and I picked it up because it sort of reminded me of the game Dynasty Warriors I was interested to see how an entire battle of Orcs may work especially as wet to view it from a neutral point of view There are no heroes or villains in this one just Orcs, Yetis, Trolls, Goblins and .It s a great summary of the make up of the Orc race explaining the different factions and tribes that exist based on the terrain they live in and how they have evolved individual tactics to help their way of life continue We get an insight into some of their ghastly but creative weapon choices as well as their day to day habits.It is only 64 pages and some of that is taken up with some absolutely beautiful artwork Yes
Orc Warfare by Chris Pramas is strategy guide written to understand orcs and how they fight Sure they are fictional, but you never know when something like this might come in handy, right The book is broken into four sections You ll learn about types of orcs, types of orc troops, orc strategies and tactics, and some sample orc victories Orcs are not pretty, and neither are their tactics They are dirty fighters and chaotic They are also not afraid to eat their own The description of orc types and troops rings true from fantasy books and movies, but I didn t see any kind of appendix or bibliography It would be interesting to know if any of the battles listed were from books or just invented for the sake of the book The art in the book is of orcs, so it is gloriously ugly.It might make a good source book for a game
In a departure for Osprey, this is a series of short books which looks at the tactics of fantasy races Perhaps initiated by the Frostgrave skirmish wargames rules advert in back of this book , this is an interesting idea but falters because there is no world to hang the information onto.Taking a Tolkien view of Orcs as opposed to the newer Warhammer re interpretation Chris Pramas guides us through Orc races, troops, tactics and battles in the same way as any historical books by Osprey In this format it was nice and simple to follow and read and the pictures are as one would expect from Osprey are very good However, it missed the option of maps of some of the fictional battles a shame, as this is o
09 20. eARC review2.5 stars 3 for objectivity considering that I m maybe not quite the perfect audience in retrospect This was a fun novelty fantasy military strategy read Despite the small page count, for those not totally into the world of Lord of the Rings, Dungeons Dragons, World of Warcraft, War Hammer, etcafter a while the novelty wears off and this does get a little monotonous.Reading about all the different types of orc was fun though the list does go on and on Thorough or tedious You decide For me, the orcs I am most familiar with are the original Lord of the Rings type They are also the type I think are the coolest However, they are not quite what is described in this book as far as I can tell I mean, much of the time they could be. But certain aspects don t sit well with that group of orcs For example, I can get into the idea of orc mysticism, but not so much in such a structured religion kind of way as described in this book That said, what s described here is supposed to be a general guide based on information pooled from many varying orc sources Oh yeah, and orcs are totally fictional so writing a non fiction esque guide to the war tactics of fictional characters carries certain understandable complications hahThe last chapter documents a few orc victories showing the use of orc tactics discussed in a previous chapter, but it ends a little abruptly with a story that finishe
This a a great book for some that like fan fiction that tolkien like but not canon it also great from someone writing a tolkien like story for ideas I like the second cavalry types other than the giant wolf worg I hope he makes a stand alone Goblin warfare book and wish he use the WoW version of trolls I have purchased the Dwarf warfare book and plan t
A book along the lines of the Osprey series of military campaign books If you are interested in running a traditional fantasy campaign for your roleplaying game this is a quick easy read to give you some
Brought to you by Osprey the same publisher that brings you military books on historical units, aircraft and vehicles, Orc Warfare brings a version of orc armies There are examinations of different types of orcs the

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  • Paperback
  • 64 pages
  • Orc Warfare
  • Chris Pramas
  • English
  • 11 July 2019
  • 9781472810502