A Catastrophic Wedding Reception... Or Maybe Not? (Wedding Woes #2)

A Catastrophic Wedding Reception... Or Maybe Not? (Wedding Woes #2) KiirstiAan And Her Mom Continue Planning The Wedding Almost Entirely Via Email In Book 1, They Hit Some Stressful And Frustrating Moments Finding And Holding On To Church And Reception Venues Their Reception Site Was Flooded By Rain, And It S Still Up In The Air Whether The Repairs Will Be Done In Time To Keep Them Motivated During The Interminable Wedding Planning Email Exchanges, KiirstiAan Makes A New And Unexpected Request Of Her Mother It Requires Writing Of Disaster Accounts, Only This Time It Involves The Recounting Of Wedding Reception Disasters.Will KiirstiAan S Mom Agree To The New Request After Writing So Many Wedding Disaster Accounts, Will She Write A New Collection Of Reception Disasters Too Or, Will She Say No, She S Too Busy With All The Final Wedding Planning For Her Own Daughter And, On Top Of All The General Stress Of Planning, Who Could Have Expected This New Horrendous And Frightening Event Will It Call At Least A Temporary Halt To A Reception, Or Any Wedding At All I m really enjoying this series This is the second book in this series It was just super I just wish there had been stories about the disastrous receptions This author s descriptives are amazing I felt like I could really see what she was telling about.Really good book I can recommend to anyone. I loved this, but I was like the main character KriistiAnn I wanted , , of them