Star Wars

Star Wars In The Star Wars Force And Destiny Roleplaying Game, You And Your Friends Assume The Roles Of Characters Who Possess The Rare And Dangerous Ability To Touch And Use The Force, The Energy Field That Binds And Surrounds Every Living Thing It Is Up To You Whether You Use This Power To Try And Fight The Forces Of Injustice And Oppression, Or If You Give Into The Darkness And Temptation Within And Become An Agent Of Evil.The Force And Destiny Beta Is A Limited Edition, 256 Page, Softcover Rulebook Its Core Mechanics Have Already Been Tested Extensively Throughout The Development Of The Edge Of The Empire And Age Of Rebellion Core Rulebooks, As Well As Initial Playtesting It Includes All The Information On Character Creation, Force Talents, Adversaries, Equipment, And Vehicles That You Need To Run A Complete Campaign, And The Beta Comes With A Complete Adventure To Get You Started Further, Because Each Star Wars Roleplaying Installment Is Fully Cross Compatible, The Force And Destiny Beta Can Also Serve As A Supplement To Your Ongoing Edge Of The Empire Or Age Of Rebellion Campaigns, Introducing A Wealth Of New Playable Species, Careers, Specializations, Talents, Force Powers, And Opportunities For Adventure.However, It Is Important To Note That Some Of The Elements In This Beta Are Not Representative Of The Final Product The Beta Is Intended To Generate Useful Feedback For The Game S Developers So That The Final Product Will Integrate The Force And Force Users Into The Best Possible Roleplaying Experience Accordingly, The Beta Contains Comparatively Much Less Art And Background Material, And The Information On Adversaries, Equipment, And Vehicles Has Similarly Been Presented To Ensure A Concise, Focused Playtest Experience. Outstanding