Moonstone Promise (Diamond Spirit 2)

Moonstone Promise (Diamond Spirit 2) Jess Untied Something From Around Her Neck And Held It Out To Luke Take My Moonstone They Re Supposed To Give You Beautiful Dreams It Was A Pale Oval Shaped Stone, Hung On A Thin Leather Strap Promise Me You Ll Come Back, She Whispered I Ll See You Again, Jess, Luke Said Promise After A Harsh Childhood Spent In Foster Care, Luke Finally Feels At Home On Harry S Farm, Working With Horses When Harry Dies And Luke Has A Bitter Falling Out With The People Around Him, He Does A Runner, Leaving Everything Behind He Takes Off To The Gulf Country In Search Of Brumbies And Finds Himself Camped By A River With Three Aboriginal Elders.Can A Mob Of Wild Brumbies And Three Wise Men Help Luke Discover Who He Is And Where He Belongs Again, just like no 1, Enjoyed this novel and how it was in Luke s view Wasn t as good as the first book though. Another tear jerker of a start I loved the fact that the same characters are mentioned but this time it is a different characters story Definitely a teen reading than an older primary school child though This book was good, I really don t like the cover though. Great book about horse love, adventure and also sorrow I recommended this book. I ve never experienced being near a brumby but because of this book I discovered how wonderful they truly are This is a great second book of the series Diamond Spirit. sweet,able to be related to, wickedly funny. What a great aussie outback read This series is bringing back the dusty horse smells of my youth Gritty and tough minded enough to appeal to early teens. Great book