Unencumbered Love

Unencumbered Love After Falling In Love With His Best Friend And Crossing The Dangerous Boundaries Into A Sexual Relationship, Clay DeVero, A Wealthy Heir, Finds Himself At A Precipice When He Realizes That His Fairytale Dreams Would Likely Never Come To Fruition, Or At Least Not With His Best Friend, Kyle Turner Clay Had Been Raised A Strong Willed And Compassionate Person Who Was Allowed To Express Himself However, Kyle S Vision Of The Future Was Quite Different And Didn T Include A Gay Lifestyle Sheltered Clay Began To Second Guess Whether Or Not Anyone Could Clay Is Left Devastated Until Jason McClain, The Jock Next Door, Sweeps In To Help Clay Mend His Broken Heart And Dreams After Kyle Meets And Falls Head Over Heels With Coraline.Just As Clay Begins To Find Hope In His Future And Discovered A Niche Volunteering At A Local GLBT Shelter, Tragedy Strikes On A Stormy, Freezing December Night, Resulting In A Mesh Of Uncovered Feelings From All Ends But, Could Jason Save Him This Time, Or Would He Be Too Late Would Jason S Education And Experience At The F.B.I Be Enough To Save Clay, And Thus Himself This Is The Prelude To The Jason McClain Mystery Series. A Great Debut Novel It s got it all A pulling and emotionally riveting suspense mystery tragic and dark , a very nice romance going on no bed of roses , great characters some I loved, some I heartily disliked and good writing My only complaint is that the story starts out a bit slowly for my tasteUnencumbered Loveis an introduction to the Jason McClain mystery series and I m very much looking forward to reading boo
Good book and intriguing story I also agree that the beginning was slow and I wanted to shake the hell out of Clay several times, but by the middle of the story I couldn t put it down Some editing issues, but the story itself pulls you
I don t like the main character, and since he s the one narrating this story, I really can t force myself to continue He seems like a dramatic, over exaggerating, immature person, and that s a no no for me. A beautiful love story, a crime and a mystery, what s not to love about this amazing novel It s a coming out story, a jouney into self acceptance and self realization Cliff Key has done an amazing job writing this book I definitely recommend reading this one Unfortunately, this book didn t do it for me The characters felt way too superficial, their reactions were totally over the top most of the time The idea behind the plot has some potential, but neither the writing, nor the characters were able to really catch me 2 stars DNF.