أنقذني ,. After reading The Girl on Paper, and hating the ending, I had my doubts about this one But now I can say that I freaking loved this book I even think that it was one of his best books that I ve read so far And the ending was done so beautifully, and it actually made sense.Now I ha
Everything I don t like about Musso s writting Most of his books look the same, with same stereotypical character A strong, rich and powerful man, meeting a poor but beautiful woman and try to save her from her
3.5 stars This is the second book I read by this author, the first was Afterwards , both were good, yet I felt that the fundamental elements of the two novels are very similar.Quotes, , 3.5 stars This is the second book I read by this author,
not so bad Unbelievably bad Demonstrates my commitment to mastering French literature via whatever I have on hand. I don t like the end.. This is a story about Providence.Catholic theology is notoriously subtle or ambiguous, depending on whom you ask about the relationship between determinism and free will Providence does not stand in the way of our initiative or responsibility as individuals Thus the very notions of both chance and fate are mild heresies.Musso brings together a number of characters in an unlikely chain of events that point to the inevitable death of one of them Chapters alternate
For the first time I did finished a book in less then 2 weeks.It s such as Passionate book that I couldn t stop reading it the story is about a man who lost his wife and all the taste of life,but by accident he met with someone and AGAIN he was close to lost his new love,he didn t want to give up
actually a 4,6 stars.i liked this it was action packed and very fast paced ,the way the charectars found peace and love and second chances.seeing what a person can feel when he is about to die fasinated me. Ithe book was amazing I absolutely loved it It has everything a beautifull love story, mistery, action, a bit of supernatural maybe no a small bit , even the thrill of the chase I think Musso became one of my favorite authors I couldn t go to sleep before finihing this book.