Still Me

Still Me23 Year Old Kenley Moran Is Going Through A Mid Life Crisis WAY Early Pushed Since Childhood By A Nightmare Stage Mom To Use Her Looks To Land A Rich Man, She S Reeling From A Broken Engagement And Regretting The Day She Gave Up Her Career In TV News For A Guy Now Kenley S Determined To Change Her Life, Shunning Makeup And Fashion And Fighting Her Way Back Into The Highly Competitive Career She Loves, Off Camera This Time When She Lands A Producing Job At Worldwide News Network In Atlanta, She Plans To Keep Her Head Down, Work Hard, And Prove She S Not Just Another Pretty Face And Vows NO ONE Is EVER Going To Make Her Compromise Herself Again.WNN Anchor Larson Overstreet Has It All Old Money, Good Looks, A Prestigious Job, And Women Than He Can Count Throwing Themselves At Him Problem Is None Of It Is Real He S Known His Whole Life That People Are Only Interested In Him For His Fortune And His Famous Family Name, In That Order Except For Kenley The Shy News Producer Isn T Interested In Him At All.Working Closely With The Anchor Of Her New Show, Kenley S Dismayed To Feel An Instant Spark Larson S Everything She Doesn T Want He S Too Good Looking, Too Charming, And Worst Of All, Too Rich She S Not Looking For Another Big Money Honey In Fact, She D Prefer A Nice Little Guy From The Mailroom, Maybe A Guy Who Lives At Home Like She S Been Forced To Do.But When They Must Travel Together For A Special Report, Kenley Realizes Larson S Not The Spoiled Pretty Rich Boy She Pegged Him As, And She S Not As Immune To Him As She S Pretended To Be Now, Even At The Network Level, What Happens Behind The Scenes Is The Real Story.STILL ME Is A Sweet And Sexy New Adult Contemporary Romance And Is Intended For Readers 17. Poor old Kenley Groomed to be a trophy wife, she ends up rebelling against a future mapped out by her meddling mother If ever there was a case of cutting your nose off to spite your face, this is it And then, just when she is about to embrace the prospect of happiness with both hands, enter the same meddling mother, in a scene which will make you cringe You want to metaphorically look away, but you just can t.This is another sweet addition to the series And, whilst I didn t quite
STILL ME By Amy Patrick A 20 Something Novel I received a signed paperback copy of this book through the Goodreads Author Giveaway program.Kenley Moran thought she had her life planned out She gave upher on air news job for the man she planned to marry Just weeks before her big, society wedding, she was dumped for another woman and found out that her fianc had been cheating on her After that Kenley had to decide what direction she wanted her life to take From a young age her mother has pushed her to use her looks to land a rich husband In fact, at the beginning of the book, her mother wants her to forgive her fianc and take him back Until now Kenley has always been the dutiful daughter Even taking a job as an on air reporter because she was told that with her looks that was where she belonged However, she has decided to shun all that and go into production instead She has vowed to only date poor guys and to not wear make up or designer clothes She plans to prove to everyone especially herself that she does not need to rely on her looks to succeed.Larsen Overstreet is everything that Kenley has sworn to avoid He s gorgeous He s rich and he comes from old money He is the on air anchor of the news show Kenley works for and despite her best intentions, she can t help but be attracted to him Larsen is sick of being sought after because of his money He wants a real woman, one who will love him for him He finds Kenley attr
Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Still Me is the 3rd book in Amy Patrick s 20 Something series, and it can be read as a stand alone book It features Kenley Moran and Larson Overstreet.When Kenley s fianc breaks up with her, it s time for a change She no longer wants to be what her mom envisions her to be always glammed up and being involved with someone who is rich Kenley gave up her dream job, and she wants it back So she accepts an offer for a producing job at WNN in Atlanta.Enter WNN anchor Larson Overstreet What s not to like about Larson He s gorgeous, charming, nice, and rich He likes Kenley Larson has always been hesitant with those who befriend him Do they like him for him, or do they like him because of his money Kenley falls in the former, but the problem is Kenley doesn t want to have anything to do with him Her former fianc came from money, and her mom is very adamant that she marries into money Larson wants to go out with Kenley, but can he break through her walls and convince her it s okay to take a chance on him One of the storylines that stood out for me was the snow storm scene With me living in the South, this whole storyline was relatable It made me laugh, and it
Read my full review on Book BumblingsI ve been waiting for Kenley s story From the first book, you knew things wouldn t end up like she thought they would.And I m not going to lie, Kenley s outlook is something that s a hot button for me I despise when people, fictional or real, let preconceptions and stereotypes cloud their judgement of a person I get that preconceptions and stereotypes can t always be avoided in the society we live in And it bothers me when people prematurely make up their mind about someone and aren t open to changing their minds Especially when it s as adamantly as Kenley was with Larson.But then I really, really liked how it all unfolded.Another thing that bothers me is when heroes in romance novels are a little too persistent In real life, it would come off as creepy or stalkerish when the heroine keeps saying, No
I enjoyed this one just not as much as the previous ones I m not sure what it was, but I just couldn t really connect with this couple.I liked Kenley and her drive to change her life for the better and do what SHE wanted with it, not what her awful Mom wanted God, I hated that women, and thought she got off too easily for the crap she pulled for years I didn t like that she sometimes forced herself to change when it wasn t what she really wanted This was mostly true when it came to Larson, and it wasn t just that she rejected him, it was like it came across kinda mean.I also liked what I saw of Larson, which I found to be not too much which was a deal that I also saw in the previous book The guy was pretty chill and I liked that he was trying to make a name for himself, without the attachment of his family name He was actually pretty open and very honest when it came
Superficiality and money, two things that tear relationships apart Kenley has been conditioned by her mother to get her M.R.S degree with a rich man She had it but luckily the stars misaligned and it ended Larson, incredibly wealthy, despises the way people perceive him He s a sweet guy and sees Kenley for her and loves that she
This is a great, entertaining read Lots of humor and originality I loved Larson and Kenley Larson was pretty much the perfect man Not sure how he could be improved D It was fun reading.

[Ebook] ➧ Still Me By Amy Patrick –
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  • 230 pages
  • Still Me
  • Amy Patrick
  • English
  • 09 January 2018
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