Delicious 2

Delicious 2 They Divorced Three Years Ago, But Penny Has Only Just Learned Her Ex Husband Cal S Secret He Has A Seventeen Year Old Daughter Why Did He Keep This Information Hidden All These Years Penny Still Loves Him, But Cal Has His Own Set Of Worries He Loves Penny, But She Found Out About His Daughter, Lindsey, In The Worst Way Possible And To Make Matters Worse, Lindsey S Serious Illness Has Come Back Determined Not To Hurt Anyone, Cal Feels Stuck Who Will Support Him When He Needs It Most Will Penny And Cal Ever Tell Each Other How They Feel The book 1 really leaves me claiming for As it happen to have some short stories in the book It had some character introduction in the book, so I m not really lost in the story And I do really hope to see Cal really work hard to win back Penny I hope that the book will h