The Purchased Wife

The Purchased Wife Mere Days Before The Ceremony, Nell Finds Out A Cruel Truth Her Marriage Is Based On A Contract Her Husband, A Greek Business Tycoon Ten Years Her Senior, Purchased A Virgin Wife For Fifty Million Dollars One Year Later, Nell Awakens In A Hospital Bed After A Car Crash Only To Find Her Husband, Xander Pascalis, There To Greet Her After Rejecting Her On Their First Night Together, The Two Have Always Lived Apart However, On This Day, Nell Sees Nothing But Anger On His Face So, Has Your Lover Already Tasted Your Forbidden Fruit, When I Ve Yet So Much As Laid Eyes On It Cute, gremet gremet gitu dah abaikan bahasaku yang aneh Tapi dari tiga komik yang dibaca semalam, hanya ini yang paling berkesan Meski harus aku bilang, konfliknya agak terlalu maksa Andaikan saja mereka bisa lebih jujur antara satu sama lain Karena walau mer