The Sweetest Revenge

The Sweetest Revenge I Finally Got Myself Off The Kitchen Floor, Which Took Some Doing I Was So Fat, I Had To Put My Hands Down On The Floor To Heave Myself Up Then I Went To The Stove And Proceeded To Cook Both Steaks In Butter I Zapped A Huge Potato In The Microwave And Put A Half Of A Stick Of Butter In It When I Pulled It Out When The Steaks Were Ready, I Ate Both Of Them At The Kitchen Table, Giving Midnight Scraps Than Were Good For Her I Shoveled The Buttery Potato Into My Mouth In Between Bites Of Steak When I Had Eaten Everything On My Plate, I Went Upstairs And Threw Up Amy Is Fat And Unhappy She S Been Fat And Unhappy For Years, And Now She S Caught Her Husband Red Handed In The Act Of Adultery Now, Amy Is Fat And Unhappy And Angry Her Anger Leads Her On A Journey Of Self Discovery And Takes Her To A Place She Never Expected To Be Again Jennifer Ransom Is So Skilled At Drawing The Reader Right Into The Story And Characters Lives In This Book, She Draws Us Into Issues Of Relationship, Divorce, Body Image, Love, Work, Money, Marriage, And A Woman Who Becomes Empowered And Regains Her Trust And Confidence In Herself And Gets A Little Revenge As Well Jennifer Ransom Always Leaves Me Wanting Of The Book, The Characters And Their Lives And Storyline. Every possible clich ridden sophomoric story