Dragons of the Dawn

Dragons of the DawnWhen Nigel Bloodragon, Duke Of Sarcen, Goes To Earth To Find A Woman Willing And Able To Pose As The Queen To Ferret Out Her Enemies, He Spies MP Cpl Josephine Benat In Action, Subduing A Criminal, And Is Immediately Convinced She S Perfect For The Job. 4.25 stars I liked this book because the female wasn t crying and didn t need a man to rescue her. It got boring halfway through so I stopped reading. Super Hot The plot was a bit messy and the character development is instant They change opinion in one line all of the sudden I liked it XD. Parallel universe so I ll categorize it as sci fi I enjoyed the story but not as much as others I have read by this author I really, really hate when so much could have been cleared up if instead of hiding feelings they talked things out That probably would have
Dragons of the dawnAnother great story by Kaitlyn O Connnor I love all of her books and this one is really good too Nigel is an awesome Dragon and I loved him with every turned page I liked the portal jumping scene lol. i disliked them both very anoying at times but at least i read it till the end. 3 1 2 stars rounded up to 4 A fun, fantasy romance that s heavy on the world building and character development and light on the graphic sex Very nicely done. Read as an Angelique Anjour book.