The Monkey and the Bee

The Monkey and the Bee After The Success Of The Monkey Goes Bananas, The Silly Monkey Is Back For Another Adventure This Time, He Finally Has His Banana, But He Doesn T Want To Share When A Playful Bumblebee Wants A Bite The Monkey Tries To Swat Away The Bee And Enjoy His Banana In Peace, But In The Process Finds Himself With A Much Bigger Problem On His Hands He S Awakened An Angry Lion Will The Monkey And The Bee Work Together To Escape The King Of The Jungle Full Of Energy, Surprise, And Strong Visual Storytelling, The Monkey And The Bee Will Once Again Charm Readers With Its Fast Paced Humor And High Jinks. A book with so few words can say so much As Neo and I interpreted it, a monkey was trying to enjoy a banana when a bee came buzzing around No matter what the monkey did, that bee would not be deterred This banter goes on and the monkey ends up chasing the bee all over tarnation, only to encounter a lion that is not all t
My 4 year old enjoyed this than I did but he really seemed to like it and it was fun to discuss what was going on since there wasn t much text It s fun to ask him what he think is happening in the pictures and the illustrations are fun so much expression and emotion conveyed in just a few words and some fantastic illustrations. The adventures of a monkey, a banana, and a bee B Laugh out loud fun Very few words with very expressive illustrations The kids loved this one. First there was The Monkey Goes Bananas 2014 , a vividly illustrated, nearly wordless picture book which tells the story of a determined monkey s attempt to grab a snack when he spies a banana tree across the shark infested waters from where he sits, resulting in an inventive romp with some hilarious consequences The story continues in The Monkey and the Bee as the silly monkey finally has his bananas but doesn t want to share them when a playful bumblebee seeks a bite The monkey tries to swat the bee away and enjoy his bananas in peace,However, what will the two of them do when their antics awaken an angry lion Will they be able to work together to escape the king of the jungle Will anyone ever get to eat a banana There is not much text in this book, but it does exhibit a highly visual form of storytelling in which children will enjoy guessing what will happen next Young readers and listeners will find it full of energy and surprise with its fast paced humor and high jinks The monkey
This is a delight in so many ways, with the illustrations and simple text sharing the glory of a lively, fast paced friendship story The simple naming approach to text will allow little readers to chime in and quickly acquire visual vocabulary, making it a go to title for emerging readers who will happily reread it again and again The expressive faces, heavy black outlibne and action strokes accent make the boldly colored images winners There is a touch of sibling rivalry in this story of developing friendship, a sort of we can squabble with each other but if someone else attacks we ll stick together mentality.My only quibble is that the large, clear text is in all caps, and I d prefer that as the story progressed some of the now familiar words would have shifted to lower case or even changing font, allowing little ones to make the leap to know that letters can take on different forms and
A monkey is not eager to share his banana with a bee hovering nearby He shoos the bee away, but it s a persistent creature, and lands on the banana again When he almost swallows the bee, the monkey becomes enraged and chases him Intent on swatting that bee, he ends up bothering a lion who gives chase to him Strangely enough, the bee turns out to be a very good friend
I like this even better than Bloom s first monkey story, The Monkey Goes Bananas It keeps to the few words lots of facial expressions style of Bananas, but feels a bit storytime friendlier to me or at least I feel like
This book is hilarious especially if you loved The Monkey Goes Bananas The comic style and nearly wordless format is very similar to the prequel, but this one may even be funnier as the monkey finally gets his banana but he has to learn how to share

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  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • The Monkey and the Bee
  • C.P. Bloom
  • 14 June 2019
  • 9781419708862