A Small Blue Key

A Small Blue Key From Author Ilona Andrews This Is An Old Story I Found Archived On The Blog I Was Looking For Something Funny, But Found This Instead It Was Written In The Spring Of 2007 And Trunked For Good Reasons It S Heavy Handed And Melodramatic And Overwrought, And There Are Many Things I D Do Differently Now, But You Can Sort Of See The Beginnings Of Swine And Roses And The Edge Call It My Goth Phase Every Has To Have One, Right Everyone seemed to enjoy this short story, and here I am an oddball.Was it the writing Yes The narrative and I just didn t click well There were a lot of things that I didn t get about the story and I was confused about most of the things that the characters were discussing

Read it here Short, sweet, funny and cool that s Ilona Andrews for you I really needed that today Very short story on the author s website, but it packs a lot of magic and heart into a such a quick read. Short, simple, and poignant. Meh Odd and disjointed. A stand alone short story, as with anything Ilona Andrews way too short, just want it to go on and on A lovely and bittersweet freebie novella that hit close to home.You can find it here I read this on the authors website Really sweet story about a family I loved it. Like most of the universes Ilona and Gordon Andrews built, I found this well wrought Despite the doubts Ilona has about it, it was easy to see the world they built Yes, the secondary characters were not as well rounded as her novels, but, hey It s a short story I thought