The List

The ListSix Years Ago Zoe Reynolds Killed A Seventeen Year Old Boy In Self Defense, And Was Unable To Let It Go Now She Has Exchanged Being A Cop For Working A Thoroughbred Racetrack, Landing A Dream Job At Whispering Winds Farm But The Farm Has Come Under New Ownership, Including A Trainer Who Has No Qualms About Killing Horses For His Own Financial Ends Knowing She Ll Need Help If She S Going To Stop Them, Zoe Contacts The FBI, But She Is Not At All Prepared For The Agent They Send Appealing read believable,suspenseful,interesting and a very descriptive storyline of strong female leads with the inclusion of horses as a plotline..well written Appealing read believable,suspenseful,interesting and a very descriptive storyline that has some strong female leads with the inclusion of horses as one of it s plotline..well written Six years ago Zoe Reynolds killed a seventeen year old boy in self defense Unable to get past it she left the police force, her lover, her life, and instead works with thoroughbred race horses The story begins with Zoe exercising one of the horses at the track The author does such a wonderful job of taking the reader through the cultural aspects of racing, and introducing the sexism and elitism It s not blatant, not in your face, just a part of the scene and we see how Zoe has successfully worked around it And we learn a lot about the industry in just a few pages.As much as she loves working the horses, she s landed a perfect job at Whispering Winds Farm Problem is when she get there she learns the owners have sold the farm and are moving and the new owners are bringing in their own trainer Unsure what that means for her, Zoe sticks around until she hears from and meets the new trainer Patrick Hennessy Patrick is a piece of work He has no respect for Zoe and mistreats the horses Zoe would love t
This was a great little book Reminds me a bit of Dick Francis whom I love Would read from this author Recomended to everyone to read.Good insight on behind the scenes of racetracks Horse and non horse people alike would enjoy Heather ThsnkyouLovely read ty if horses were killed like that in real life how sad it would be thank you for getting me into a feel good factor at the end I wish you would carry on with the story in a new book I want to know if gibby wind the big one 5 stars out of 5 Great I enjoyed The List I do love horse books Unfortunately I lived the scandal of the horse killings So it was hard for me read this But it s a good book. Reviewed for Rainbow Gold Reviews A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review Don t hate me, but animals really aren t my thing I don t hate them, but they don t hold a lot of interest to me The beginning of this book dragged on for me as the main character Zoe describes her life riding horses for trainers It felt a little slow going and I started to lose interest The farm she works at changers ownership and the real action starts when the new trainer and owners show up.The new trainer, Patrick, was seriously unlikable, rude, and cruel to the animals He was also committing crimes along with an owner of a nearby horse farm While I chose this book because I thought it was out of my wheelhouse, I really love a good mystery and found myself enjoying it Zoe seems to be the main character of the story and it s mystery than romance, and she was a good character Brave and strong, with good scruples The main focus of the story is the mysterious deaths of racing horses and what Patrick s role might be The new owners both turned out to be great people and Patrick s nephew a real nice guy, but Zoe who is an ex cop can t let her suspicions go.The story is a fairly quick read after I got into it Sometimes if felt a little too quick and it lost a little bit of flow There was a moment when Zoe acts in self defense that I wondered if the outcome was completely necessary Other than that I really enjoyed the book.The romance in this story is ver
Off to the RacesI enjoyed this book about race horses, their caretakers and the men who would do them harm The characters were believable and interesting I liked the first person narration, it helped to put me into the story In spite of the heavy topic the tale was not too dark or deep It was an easy and fast read I was able to read it on a plane trip and surprised to find it done before I arrived To be fair I read quickly and I was drawn into the story and had no distractions so I wa
Moves quicklyNice quick read with great descriptions, and not overly done Characters are well developed and believable I d like to see from this writer with length and tension development.