Widowmakers Widowmaker Wid Oh May Ker Noun 1 A Thing With The Potential To Kill Men 2 A Dead Branch Caught Precariously High In A Tree Which May Fall On A Person Below 3 Nick The Widowmaker Bullman, A Disfigured Ex Wrestler, Protagonist Of Ugly As Sin By James Newman 4 A Dark Fiction Anthology Of Prodigious Size Large Enough To Use As A Doorstop Or Crush A Man S Skull A Few Months Ago One Of Our Own, James Newman, Was Severely Injured In A Freak Accident He S Known Universally In The Horror Fiction Community As A Truly Great Guy, And, When The News Broke Of The Incident There Was No Shortage Of People Who Wanted To Help Inside The Pages Of This Collection, You Will Find Tales That Are Lighthearted Mixed In With Stories That Will Fuel Your Nightmares, Each One With The Potential To Be A WIDOWMAKER. Updated 14NOV2016 I ll probably be working my way through this behemoth for years to come and will leave reviews of individual stories as I go, not necessarily in order.As I m a contributor to this anthology, I m not going to rate stories but rather comment on them.Death to Trees Jeff Strand Not so much a story as an amusing trifle, and a fitting way to kick off the anthology.Conversations Kill Tim Waggoner Very well written short story with an interesting premise that kept me engaged and guessing The final reveal wasn t all I had hoped for, but overall a satisfying story.Molting Robert Essig A nice slice of body horror delivered with finesse.Baptism Kit Powers A small but potent dose of weirdness.A Church in
The best word I can use to describe this anthology of dark fiction would be unexpected There are surprises at every turn These stories aren t all meant to induce full blown terror some of them will creep up on you quietly Those types of stories tend to be my favorites.All the stories were good, but these were the ones that stood out to me the most EvergreenGorgeous descriptive language depicting nature s beauty with a twist.Hearts in ReverseHumans and monsters live side by side in a semi post apocalyptic world not completely unlike our own An interesting take on the monster genre depicting the many depths of human emotion discrimination, fear, unconditional love.She Called Him SkyThis story reads like a twisted fairy tale, unexpectedly poignant poetic.Our Lady of Sloth and Scarlet IvoryThis story had me intrigued as the background of the story was slowly revealed It explores the psychological physical e
What can I say about this beautiful, bodacious beast of a book I haven t been this impressed with an anthology since Kirby McCauley s DARK FORCES.800 pages47 storiesSomething for every taste, and not a single sour apple in the basket.Tales gathered together from the best in the genre, from the old guard to the young guns.This is the anthology by which all others will be measured, one that wil
I m really glad I was reading the electronic version of this book the print version would crush a reader s legs Story after story, 47 in all, and most were good to very good There are a few that are outstanding, and a few that left me feeling meh , but overall a good anthology to read f
Widowmakers is a great Halloween read even though it s almost Christmas Dark horror mixes with comedy in this book and creates some really impressive stories. Normally I like to give a little bit of depth to my reviews telling a little about the story and what it is like To attempt to do that with this anthology would mean a review that would be longer than some novels I ve read recently.Putting it quite simply, you will not see another book like this for a very long time, if ever It s a benefit anthology for James Newman He had a fight with a tree earlier this year and lost Quite dramatically Given the fact that he is known as one of the nicest horror authors you could ever meet, some of his buddies got together and submitted stories and poems to fill this book with the proceeds going to James to help with medical expenses.And fill it they did Over 800 pages with 47 stories, all by different authors make this one brick of a book and one that will stay with you for a very long time We are talking
I have enjoyed all the stories in this collection and there are a few standouts I particularly enjoyed Dead Gods by James Moore and AborEATum by Evans Light.A great collection that I highly recommend to all horror lovers out there I do not really understand all the glowing reviews this anthology has received I really wanted to like it given that some of the proceeds go to helping an author, whose name I currently blank on, recover from injuries sustained from a falling tree branch Which sounds sort of like I am making this up a I review, but I am not and the guy seems sweet enough and it was like a tree sized branch, so it was no joke Unfortunately, I thought it was basically terrible I am a huge fan of short stories and read anthologies like there is no tomorrow, so I expect to have to take some bad to read some good, but here the bad far outweighs the occasional
The stories in this collection range from a couple of pages to many pages I think I skipped 2 stories, at the most That left a lot to read If you love horror stories are looking from some short reading material I d recommend
Really creepy, This one was good because there were so many, I definitely got my money s worth I have to say this was the second anthology one of the stories I had read first as a stand alone, then in another audio collection before I found it here There s a good reason it s been published so much, ArborEATum,by Evans Light, is so unique,to epitomize the