Castles & Crusades Players Handbook

Castles & Crusades Players HandbookThis Book Contains Everything Needed To Create Heroic Characters And Enter A World Of Fantastic Adventure A World Where Brave Adventurers Battle Ancient Dragons, Descend Into Dungeons In Search Of Treasure And Glory, And Rescue Mystic Artifacts From The Clutches Of Evil Wizards.Easy To Learn, Fast And Fun To Play, Castles Crusades Is The Game For Those Who Enjoy Tales Of High Adventure And Epic Fantasy.Castles Crusades Easy To Learn Attribute Based Rules System Allows Players To Choose Among 13 Archetypal Character Classes And 7 Races To Create Their Characters Spells, Equipment, Fast Paced Combat Rules, And All The Essential Information Needed For The Players Of Castles Crusades Is In This Book.Gather Some Friends, Grab Some Dice, And Unleash Your Imagination You Re Entering The Grand Adventure That Is Castles Crusades You Are Limited Only By Your Imagination. Yeah, I am filling out my 2018 books read list with rpgs and graphic novels What can I say, I ve been slacking on the novel reading front Anyway, I submit that RPGs are a valid form of literature, often constructing entire imaginary settings, characters, and plots for the benefit of the reader player.But let me try to review this in a way that might hold some interest for the non gamer.So, Castles Crusades To understand the appeal of this game, you have to some history with Dungeons and Dragons.Advanced Dungeons Dragons is now as of 2018 on its 5th edition, probably the best selling edition of all times Besides the five editions of ADD, there was also Basic DD, Expert DD, the original DD, and that s just all the official Dungeons and Dragons releases.There have been many, many, many oh so very very many homebrewed, hacked, and offshoot DD like games published, and you might reasonably wonder why If you want to play dungeon crawlers hacking and slashing their way through orcs and dragons in search of loot or, in a high minded campaign that actually involves things like role playing, adventurers on an epic quest to save the kingdom or whatever, i.e., like the plot of an epic fantasy novel , why not just pick ADD It s the most popular, it s the most well supported, you can buy books by the ton and practical
If you have fond memories of 1st edition Advanced Dungeons Dragons, then this book should resonate with you It has the feel of that old school style of gaming but cleaned up and coherent than the books from back in the day In this game, it really is simpler to play a fighter than it is to play a wizard Like an old school game, this book isn t really a complete game The, castle keeper, will need the Castle Keepers Guide and the Monsters a
I want to like Castles and Crusades It s an attempt at a game with modern mechanics and an old school feel However, it feels a bit too old school in a lot of ways, and while the modernization of mechanics is serviceable and has a few clever ideas, it s a bit too bogged down in old school sensibilities for me to really want to play it Plus, this book is rather poorly

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  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Castles & Crusades Players Handbook
  • Davis Chenault
  • English
  • 08 May 2018
  • 9781936822768