Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business Rosie Has A Dilemma As A Single Working Mother Running An Interior Design Business, The Juggling Act Between Her Ten Year Old Son Tom And The Demands Of Her Career Is Very Hard Whilst Her Career Looks Glamorous From A Distance, The Clients Are Difficult And Her Home Office Is Spiralling Out Of Control Although She Divorced Her Handsome Ex Husband Rory Years Ago, He Remains Ever Present In Her Life Because Of Tom And She Is Grateful For His Help But Rosie Has Noticed That There Is Something Different About Rory He Seems Persistent Than Ever To Take Another Shot At Their Relationship Rosie S Friends Are Horrified That She Is Even Considering It But There Is Something Different About Him When She Visits Clean Living Room, Flowers In Vases Can It Be That Rory Has Finally Grown Up As Rosie Reminisces About The Days They Had Together, She Realises That She Wants To Take A Chance On The Loving, Unreliable Rory Once Again Can People Really Change Is She Making A Mistake Or Can Rosie Finally Shut The Door On Unfinished Business And Have The Best Of Both Worlds Frankie McGowan Is A Journalist And Former Magazine Editor Her Novels Include Chasing Shadows , A Kept Woman , My Mother S Wedding , Another Way And A Better Life Endeavour Press Is The UK S Leading Independent Publisher Of Digital Books. Had to push through this oneBad editing throughout I felt like I was on an obstacle course dodging one bad person or situation after another Quite the bummer for a while Finally some good outcomes and exp