Soulcatcher Twelve Stories About The African Experience Of Slavery In America, By The National Book Award Winning Novelist.Nothing Has Had As Profound An Effect On American Life As Slavery For Blacks And Whites Alike, The Experience Has Left Us With A Conflicted And Contradictory History Now, Famed Novelist Charles Johnson, Whose Middle Passage Won The National Book Award, Presents A Dozen Tales Of The Effects And Experience Of Slavery, Each Based On Historical Fact, And Each About Those Africans Who Arrived On Our Shores In Shackles From Martha Washington S Management Of Her Slaves, Bequeathed To Her At The Death Of The First President, To A Boy Chained In The Bowels Of A Ship Plying The Infamous Passage From Africa To The South Laden With Human Cargo, From A Lynching In Indiana To A Hunter Of Escaped Slaves Searching The Boston Market For His Quarry, From An Early Quaker Meeting Exploring Resettlement In Africa To The Day After Emancipation The Voices, Terrors, And Savagery Of Slavery Come Vividly And Unforgettably To Life These Stories, Told By A Master Storyteller, Transcend History Even As They Present It, And Retell The Mythic Proportions Of A Historical Period With Astounding Realism And Beauty, Power, And Emotion. I have learned about some of my history from reading these short stories Loved it Very moving Very relevant. Johnson s collection of short stories about slavery were meek and indescriptive They relied to heavily on the assumed knowledge of the leader Further, too many of the stories were not about the lives of slaves but others related to the life and slavery Only one story, Transmission which discusses the middle passage is telling but the rest fall short of being even slightly entertaining Not
This collection of fiction short stories can be used in the classroom to study slavery in the United States from multiple perspectives The stories are short enough where students won t feel bogged down w
Just okay A couple of the stories would make very interesting novels Nice, quick read though. classic short, AND sweet one of the best collection of short stories you can read Transmission was like, a mini novel in itself incredble Charles Johnson, one of the best writers living. Very short stories but worth the read because you feel for the characters and it takes you beyond comfort zone The author makes no solidified judgment on right versus wrong.

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