Enhanced (Brides of the Kindred, #12)

Enhanced (Brides of the Kindred, #12)Mei Li Hastings Is In Trouble She S Dream Sharing With A Kindred Warrior Normally That S A Regular Part Of Being Claimed By One Of The Tall, Handsome Aliens Who Came To Earth Looking For Brides But In Mei Li S Case, Nothing Is Normal The Dreams She S Having Show A Huge, Frightening Male With A Red Laser For An Eye And A Metal Arm The Man Who S Coming To Claim Her Is A Dark Kindred One Of The Emotionless Denizens Of Zeaga Four Where Love Is Unknown And Feelings Are Outlawed Six Has Risen Steadily In The Ranks Of The Collective Since His Inclusion Into The Dark Kindred At Age Fourteen Now, To His Dismay, He Is Suddenly Having Dreams He Cannot Ignore Dreams Of A Girl With Dark Eyes And Silky Black Hair Who Fears Him Desperately Despite The Fact That He Is Supposed To Feel Nothing, Six Finds Himself Drawn To The Girl And When He Is Ordered By His Superior To Claim Her, He Comes In Search Of His Future Bride Now They Are Locked In A Struggle Of Light Versus Darkcold Versus Warmth For When Mei Li Is Near Him, Six S Frozen Heart Begins To Thaw Though The Dark Kindred Warrior Is Determined Not To Commit Feel Crime He Cannot Contain The Emotions Growing Within Him For The Petite Girl He Snatched From Earth But With The Newfound Feelings Of Love And Desire, Come Some Much Darker Feelings In Order To Love Mei Li, Six Will Have To Face The Darkness Within And A Tragic Past He Has Locked Away For Years Will He Survive The Memories That Surface Or Will They Drive Him Mad You Ll Have To Read Enhanced To Find Out Word Count 160,000 Mei Li Hastings has been dream sharing with a Kindred, only he has not the type of Kindred warrior that she knows about He is one of the Dark Kindred, a Kindred who has swapped his emotions for metal enhancements and logic Six is not happy with the dream sharing with the small human, he joined the Dark Kindred and the Collective to get rid of his emotions and Mei Li seems to stir up all sorts of instincts, as well as memories that he would rather never see again But, due to political maneuvering Six is ordered to claim Mei Li and take her through the full claiming period, all whilst keeping his emotions inhibited, however, having the small and fiery Mei with him makes it impossible to keep a lid on his desires and his memories I admit I am in this series for the sexy aliens and their penchant for worshiping their mate, regularly and with tongue This book didn t disappoint Once again Evangeline Anderson gives me exactly what I want, a sexy romance that leaves me drooling and looking up to the stars hoping to be beamed up So although this may not be my favourite in the series, that didn t mean I didn t enjoy it Normally I am not a fan of the angst ridden, emotionally scarred and broody type of hero but Six did man
Main characters Six and Mei Li Type of Kindred bonding Dark Kindred and TygaThe story of emotionless Enhanced One Dark Kindred Six and the fragile sweet Earthling Mei Li This series never stop surprising me The books are both excellent scifi and excellent erotica fiction The writer seems to have good ideas all the time and the way the story continues since book 1 is never boring I am looking forward each time I start a new book to reading about new weird aliens, planets, instruments, spaceships, food creators, strange tastes and textures It is obvious that the writer has a scientific background and a huge imagination Also it is interesting how many different ways there are which are describing the tongue worshipping by the Kindred warriors This never gets boring as well Each time is a new experience.So, this book is not an exception It is great scifi and it is great erotica fiction.Six lives in Zeaga4 Z4 is a futuristic planet ruled by the Collectives with inhabitants semirobots looking like robocops and terminators Six is carrying an emotional damber which was applied by Yipper, a little Tolleg, who is a natural surgeon ie He uses his tongue as a surgical instrument to perform surgeries The damber helps Six not waking up his memories, not to be out of control emotionally and basically it helps him to control the pain of the me
I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of this title for review, and it was worth staying up to finish it as quickly as I did I try to not put spoilers in my review, and the description for this book gives the outline I will focus instead of what makes this an excellent story, just like all of Evangeline Anderson s previous stories 1 Storyline Those who are familiar with the previous Brides of the Kindred books will know that the Kindred are an alien race, who arrived above Earth, initially to protect the planet from an invading species called the Scourge There are several different types of Kindred as a result of them being genetic traders This book introduces a new type the Dark Kindred Coupled with the hero being a Dark Kindred is the fact that he has chosen to block his emotions in order to live on a world where emotions and feelings are forbidden His reasons for doing so will tear at your heartstrings, so either have tissues or chocolate to hand, because you will need it The heroine is the sort of person whom any female of short stature will love, not least because she is gutsy and stands up for those who can t protect themselves, working to protect vulnerable children
Is this really the twelfth book in the Brides of Kindred series Wow it doesn t seem that long ago that I was sitting down to open the first book Claimed and getting my first taste of these alpha males searching for their brides and boy what a delicious ride this series has been A race of alien warriors who have traded in genetics which has resulted in a diverse population that is unfortunately predominantly male but with their inherent ability to dreamshare they can track down the one woman they are meant to be with This quest has brought some of the Kindred to Earth but not everyone is happy with the powerful alien visitors.Mei Lei works hard as a social worker to keep the children involved in her cases safe but she keeps being plagued by dreams of a strange man with a frightening appearance and it s getting harder to concentrate at work When she falls foul of an abusive stepfather the last thing she expects is to turn around and see the Kindred warrior from her dreams but that s exactly what happens and to make matters worse he insists that she leaves with him Mei Lei along with all single human women had signed a contract stating if a Kindred male claims her she would willingly spend one month with him but she was never quite prepared for this to really happen.Six is part of the Dark Kindred and has slowly risen up the ranks to his current
An Enhanced Reading Experience This review is from Enhanced Brides of the Kindred 12 The Brides of the Kindred Kindle Edition Being a long time major fan ofEvangeline Anderson, especially her Kindred Bride Series, I was thrilled when Kindred Brides 12 finally came out With this series I highly recommend reading the books in order and they are so amazing you will be addicted from Book 1 Claimed.As the story has been outlined in the summary and by numerous reviewers I will write my review concentrating on my impressions.We were introduced to Mei li and Six in the last book Devoured , so their story line was set in motion.Mei li is a different kind of heroine in the Kindred Series, appearing small and fragile she is anything but.Although she is fearful of her dream sharing with a big scary looking cyborg appearing Six, Mei li is driven in her career as a social worker for children in high risk situations As the story progresses we find that Mei li is a force to be reckoned with.Fiercely devoted and protective of the children she determined to protect Mei li will put herself in danger to save them.She is a heroine that I liked and enjoyed Small as she this heroine will surprise you from her fighting spirit to her determination to go after and defend what she wants ,which is eventually a very hot sexy Six.S
I am always happy to enter the world of the Kindred because it is one that will usually take me on an intergalactic adventure with romance and danger Have you you ever read a book that you loved, with characters you care about so much you could not stand the thought of something bad happening to them I was not disappointed in any way by this one The characters continue to be rich and approachable, the world building continues to fascinate and hold me The stories are a bit predictable but that is not necessarily a bad thing at all, it just means that they have be written even better to compensate for that fact In the case of these stories they are written perfectly and make me keep coming back for .Mei Li Hastings is the daughter of Senator Hastings and has been dreaming of a Kindred who scares her because of the way he looks She tells this to her father who goes and demands that his daughter not be claimed even though she is registered like all the eligible females on Earth, he wants special privileges Six is a Dark Kindred who has been Enhanced as is the way of the inhabitants of the planet on which he lives Six is disturbed by the dreams partly because he does not understand what is going on When he told, he does not plan on claiming her because it is something the Dark Kindred do not ever do, but he
I did enjoy this book but a lot did sound like Borg from Star Trek collective, named by numbers, resistance is futile etc it s a very interesting story and having kindred with emotional dampener but claiming a bride at same time I absolutely love Yipper, I hope he stays
Totally enjoyed this Something quite different dystopian and the main characters were really strong and the storyline was interesting Thoroughly liked this long but good and now I want to read from this author series As a ps I feel like I need to say that this was my first from this series I just jumped in here and while I realised there was a back story I wasn t up with, I didn t feel
3.5 stars Awesome