Untitled (Starters #3)

Untitled (Starters #3) Prequel To Starters I don t remember this being a trilogy First time I heard there would probably be a third book was from Lissa Price herself when I met her at a book signing She is such a nice lady Can t wait for this book PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET THIS BE HAPPENING It says something about a prequel, but I d rather it be a third book, happened after Enders I feel like that book didn t end with a good ending, so maybe this can do a better job at wrapping everything up Edited 11, November 2016Hey all, our book is coming out very soon It s just around the corner There is still no new signs of a title though, so I hope that doesn t mean it s going to be pushed off Hopefully, it ll be January of 2017 when this one hits the shelves. OHA 3.kitap MI VAR Seri bitti ama Yuh yani 2017 mi San r m tansiyonum d t. OH MY FREAKING GODSTARTERS AND ENDERSWERE ONE OF MY FAVORITEBOOKS EVER, LIKE REALLYBUT WHY IS THIS IN 2017 I CANNOT BE ENDERS WAS PUBLISHED LIKEFOREVER AGO, WHY IN 2017 WHATTAHECKSTILL I AM SO EXCITED I didn t like Starters, but this prequel sounds interesting. OMG WHEN I VE READ THE END I WAS LIKE WTH I WANNA KNOW WHAT S GOING TO HAPPEN WITH CALLIE AND HAYDEN AND EVERYONE ELSE BUT FINALLY I M GOING TO KNOW IT SOON HOPEFULLY Okay, so I just found out that Starters is a trilogy and I M SUPER EXCITED Hope Price won t make the same mistake like the second book i give 5 stars for this last book, even i don t read the second book yet, i know i will love it anyway. so 2017 would be nothing for me i hope