He's a Stud, She's a Slut, and 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know

He's a Stud, She's a Slut, and 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should KnowDouble Standards Are Nothing New Women Deal With Them Every Day Take The Common Truism That Women Who Sleep Around Are Sluts While Men Are Studs Why Is It That Men Grow Distinguished And Sexily Gray As They Age While Women Just Get Saggy And Haggard Have You Ever Wondered How A Young Woman Is Supposed To Be Both Virginal And Provocatively Enticing At The Same Time Isn T It Unfair That Working Moms Are Labeled Bad For Focusing On Their Careers While We Shake Our Heads In Disbelief When We Hear About The Occasional Stay At Home Dad In 50 Double Standards Every Woman Should Know, Jessica Valenti, Author Of Full Frontal Feminism, Calls Out The Double Standards That Affect Every Woman Whether Jessica Is Pointing Out The Wage Earning Discrepancies Between Men And Women Or Revealing All Of The Places That Women Still Aren T Equal To Their Male Counterparts Be It In The Workplace, Courtroom, Bedroom, Or Home She Maintains Her Signature Wittily Sarcastic Tone With Sass, Humor, And In Your Face Facts, This Book Informs And Equips Women With The Tools They Need To Combat Sexist Comments, Topple Ridiculous Stereotypes Girls Aren T Good At Math , And End The Promotion Of Lame Double Standards. I think I finally get it I think I finally understand what it is about Jessica Valenti in Full Frontal Feminism A Young Woman s Guide to Why Feminism Matters and He s a Stud that bugs me.You know how you go to a party and maybe your friend came in with this loud, obnoxious person And in order to spend time with your friend and being an introvert, you hate parties anyway you must spend time with this obnoxious person And you realize that everything about you and your friend s companion is opposite and there is NO WAY unless hell freezes over you will be friends So you stand around, listening politely while the other person shoots off at the mouth, saying things you agree with, but you find yourself almost immediately inwardly opposing Well, that s how Valenti and I are She s got some great ideas, but the way she writes totally grates on me Little to no research or references, a too casual approach, tons of f bombs and lots of goofy, supposedly funny comments to serious topics Some people are going to adore this frank discussion they are going to learn oodles from it They are going to love how relaxed and carefree Jessica Valenti is.But when I open a non fiction book, I want professionalism I want to see a big, fat Bibliography with lots of references weblinks AND books, magazines, periodicals I want a certain tone in the writing I d
Okay, let me start with saying that yes I don t tend to like feminism, but I don t hate this book because it came out of the women studies section I dislike this book because it reads like it is written for twelve year old and makes the complete wrong argument On the other hand there don t appear to be any terribly accessible women studies book that make the correct argument, so it can have a second star for at least saying something The argument this book should be making I say should because the fact is that most of the stereotypes actually all play into the same problem, not to mention the annoyance of the repetitive stereotypes with slightly different wording, but I digress is that women are being harmed by the medicalization of the female body Yes I know this is a sophisticated and complicated argument that all the idiots out there wouldn t be willing to read a book about, but hey a book about sluts they are totally fucking in not unlike the book cunt which perhaps I will soon read and also hate, unless I feel the need to be told that I am dealing with my sexuality incorrectly then on the female chauvinist pigs Valenti also gets props for never saying people s
I consider myself a feminist, but I don t think this author and I would be friends She comes off as brash and hostilea criticism she would likely use to bolster her argument that there is a double standard with respect to women expressing anger I understand her anger I feel her anger I live with these same 50 double standards every day I just don t think screaming and cursing about them ultimately work positively to change cultural s This is my other major criticism of the book I was interested in the book because the cover promised 50 solutions to these double standards Unfortunately the majority of the author s suggestions for change only include 2 steps One recognize the double standard Okay, got that And, two, make a hell of a lot of noise when you see one Some chapters don t even get that far In order to challenge
I am a feminist, and damn proud of it Lately, I decided to do some reading about some feminist topics and I decided to start with this book because it seemed pretty short and sweet.And therein lies the problem with He s a Stud, She s a Slut, and 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know It s too brief If the author had picked a smaller number of topics and went in depth, I think this would have been a much better book Also, Valenti said this lovely gem on page 128 that s total sarcasm, if you can t tell I thought it was horribly offensive If a guy woke up and have been raped by another man after drinking too much, do you have any doubt in your mind that people would believe the victim Just saying 128.As I said in my status update Rape involving male victims are rarely reported, so fuck you for insinuating that it s so easy for them to just report it Victim blaming happens regardless of gender, in different ways, but it happens nonetheless.I also have a small qualm about the title I would argue since women deal with these double standards every fucking day, I think it s important that the men who might not necessarily notice are aware of the double standards that favor them So yeah, I think it should be everybody or every person instead of every woman Favorite chapters He s a Politican, She s a Fashion Plate He s angry, She s PMSing He s Tough, She s a Tomboy He s a Bachelor, She s a Spinster He s a Romeo, She s
I think the majority of this book was copied and pasted directly from the author s blog, Feministing.com As a result, the writing is incredibly casual, full of slang and curse words, and sometimes just plain awful The actual content is mediocre I think the book would be great for a young person who knows nothing about gender inequality, but for the rest of us it was 200 pages of stating the obvious My other big complaint about this book is that it relies heavily on current events as proof of double standards This would be fine if the current events were things someone might actually remember in 5 10 years, or if not particularly memorable, were explained prior to being referenced, but this is not the case Valenti constantly refers to people and occurrences that I happen to be familiar with from reading feminist blogs, but her dependence on current but highly fleeting pop culture guy on guy kissing scene in Talledega Nights, Lindsey Lohan scandals, cha
I think this book is a concise and compelling way to distill down the pervasiveness of sexism in our culture While it s not a hefty intellectual tome on feminist theory or history, it s an accessible and engaging primer on sexism It s the type of book that s perfect to have a burgeoning feminist read whether s he s 15 or 55 It perfectly captures society s double standards and women s need to be aware of what we agree to play into and why we do It s great book and one I m seriously thinking of giving to my sister, as she s just beginning to air her own feminist awakening Highly recommended for anyone woman or man, old feminist pro or newbie, teen or senior citizen
3.5 StarsInteresting, eye opening, frustrating, empowering someday I will come back to my old nice reviews, for now, you will get the college version Well, it s feminism 101, but it s solid and to the point Should be passed along to a teenager upon completion. Pretty standard feminist stuff, or at least, I felt so because I have read Valenti s FFF already Still awesome, though. I seem to have become a bit of a Valenti disciple Not a bad thing, I don t think I feel like I needed it For most of my life, the only messages about feminism and about appropriate behaviour for women were the ones mainstream society was telling me, and I wasn t questioning them as much as I should I heard the same things over and over again, and people would spout statistics, and I would just naively assume that their information was good because I didn t know and I was too busy doing important things What Valenti s books do is essentially to say, Hang on a minute Let s think about this I don t necessarily agree with everything she says, but so much of what she has to say is forcing me to think about things in ways I never have before In ways that make so much sense that I m not sure how I couldn t have seen them This was another great book, especially for teen girls to get them

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